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Welcome to season two of Solopreneur Success Strategies. This is Jane Gardner and we’re going to be talking about business startup. We’re going to be talking about starting running and growing your own home business whether offline or on.

Monday is all about mindset. Tuesday is all about starting a home based business, Wednesday is all about selling, sales and your customer. Thursday is going to be about running your home business. Friday will be running your home business. Saturday is all about putting systems in your business and Sunday is all about strategy. So subscribe to this daily podcast and help you get started running and growing your own home business For more information go to boahb.com. [27.7]


Hi this is Jane Gardner. And welcome. This is all about you because we’re going to be talking about how to start run and grow a business in season two of Solopreneur success strategies. So I’m going to be giving you some tips and tricks in five minutes or less on the various subjects from mindset on Monday, Tuesday is about starting your home business, Wednesday is selling and sales and your customers, Thursday is going to be about running your home business and Friday is about growing your own business. Saturday is about systems as we mentioned in our introduction. Sunday is all about strategy. As it is Sunday today, I’m going to give you some strategy to think about for the idea of starting a home business. So today, I wanted to just to introduce you again to myself. I’m Jane Gardner. I have a Web site Jane-gardner.com where I talk about sales and I’ve had my Solopreneur success strategies podcast there as well as the web- tv show and we talk about your message and your brand and who you are and how you sell. I have started a Web site called boahb.com which is the business about home business membership where you’ll be able to go in and start learning how to run and grow a home business.

But today I’ll just talk about myself and why I think I can help you. I’ve worked in engineering firm with my husband for the last 20 years. We started in about the 1990s when the Internet was just in its infancy.

Our business was always very local based and wide in terms of our clients. Now in terms of where we are in western Canada, we basically do renovations and retrofits and some new construction. My point to all this is that most of the time we are a “word of mouth” business that is local. So if you have a good “word of mouth” on your business then you get more business. So that’s a tip for you on starting a home business in the local area.

Always make sure that you have good word of mouth about your business.

In about 2013, I decided there might be time for me to go out and help other people start their own home business and find out what the resources and tools and the ideas and mindset that you need in order to start a business. So that is why I am here now. We’re going to do Season two of Solopreneur success strategies just talking about starting running and growing your business as well as putting together a strategy for your business.

So today I just wanted to talk about the first strategy that I want to talk about which is if you’re thinking of starting a business consider it as to be a business that you will start part time. You will not quit your day job in order to start on business even though you know it might be a successful business until you start selling in your home business. You really should consider testing your idea and doing some research as well ,as of course, trying to sell your service or product to your market.

I would certainly suggest today that you consider buying the book “Reluctant Entrepreneur” by Michael Masterson.

It’s a great book to read to realize that you need to be able to test the market before you actually start a business in order to see whether or not they’re interested. So one of the ways I test the market is by having this podcast and seen how many people want to listen in. One of the ways that you can test your product or service is to do something like this and do a podcast on the subject. You’d be surprised what kind of people are interested in it and you can find your audience there as well. So that’s one thing you can do certainly for free. It’s just a matter of using their time and getting the voice in order to learn how to create a podcast. So we’ve given you one tip.

First don’t quit your day job.

 Recommend to get the book “The Reluctant Entrepreneur” by Michael Masterson to give you some ideas.

I’ll be giving you some other ideas from that book in order to get you going and thinking about starting your whole business. And of course on Tuesday I believe is starting your home business will be given you more tips about how to research and find out how are whether or not you should start the business you’re thinking of.

The other idea is why not do a podcast and see whether or not there is a market out there if there’s people who are will listen to you about your business. That’s the other tip.

Certainly in my business about home business we can certainly learn about how to do the research very easily in order to find out about your market. We’ll be talking about other ways to find out whether there’s a market out there for your business. But today I just wanted to introduce myself on Sunday.

Monday will be about mindset when starting the whole business and I will give you tips and tricks to think about selling on Wednesday. Thursday will be running a home business , Friday is growing your own business and Saturday is systems. On Saturday, systems will help you to save time and money. Sunday will always be about strategy.

So today we talked about having this strategy to realize that you shouldn’t quit your day job. You should do this new business you’d like to start part time and see whether or not there is a market out there by selling it and testing whether or not you can sell the product or service out there. So we’ll talk a bit more about that next Sunday. But for now this is Jane Gardner on Solopreneur Success Strategies. This is season 2 and we’ll be getting into the nitty gritty and down and dirty for starting your own home business and running and growing it. So thank you for listening. I hope that this podcast will give you some ideas to think about and subscribe on Itunes.


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