Mindset of the Entrepreneur

Welcome. I’m Jane Gardner. And today on Mindset Monday, we’re going to talk about being an entrepreneur and what a mindset of an entrepreneur is and whether you are capable of being an entrepreneur due to your mindset. Over the next few weeks we’ll be talking about some of the ways you can be challenged as an entrepreneur in terms of your mindset and how you can conquer those challenges. You do not have to be born an entrepreneur and you can actually learn to be an entrepreneur. You can also train your mind to have the mindset of an entrepreneur.

Unlike what some people say that you have to come from an entrepreneurial family, over 50 percent of successful business owners come from the middle class and 35 percent were either poor or working class. So you don’t have to be a family member of an entrepreneur.

You can change your mind in order to be an entrepreneur. So don’t let that stop you. The idea that you don’t know what it is to be an entrepreneur should not stop you because we can talk about changing your mindset as we go along.

Ask yourself these questions because I believe that you shouldn’t quit your day job as I mentioned in order to be an entrepreneur that you should be at least thoughtful about your process etc.

So let’s ask these questions of yourself.

How many of you would you agree that.

I don’t like to risk my money.” Not at all.

“I would never think of quitting my job and risking my life savings.

“I like the idea of being my own boss. I’m not sure I would be good at it.

“I’m willing to take responsibility for my actions but I still don’t want anyone to find out about my mistakes.

I sometimes have good ideas but often have no idea of what to do.

Well, if you agree with any of those statements you are a reluctant entrepreneur at heart.I invite you to join our ranks because you don’t have to be a risk taker in order to be an entrepreneur.

As I mentioned yesterday, one of the books I highly recommend is “The Reluctant Entrepreneur” by Michael Masterson and read through that and start learning how to train your brain to be the successful entrepreneur.

So for today I want you to think about who you think is a successful entrepreneur. Next time, we’ll be talking about some of the entrepreneurs you may not know of who have conquered their inability or their fears. Being an entrepreneur and becoming a successful entrepreneur is regardless of being a risk taker or trying something without even thinking beforehand because you or anyone else can be an entrepreneur. All you have to do is try to have a positive, committed attitude and have a natural love of a challenge and the ability to manage a lot of stress and work at a high level and the willingness to take responsibility.

These are some of the ideas of having the mindset of the entrepreneur and if you don’t have them now you can certainly learn how to train your brain in order to be challenged as an entrepreneur.

My husband and I have been entrepreneurs for 20 years we work on our own. Every day is a challenge and every day is a pleasure. Every day is a day where we don’t know what the next day will bring, what work will come but we accept that work will come and we continue on. We will also have a huge pile of work for the day and know that there’s a huge pile the next day and we have to get through it.

So , you have to have a few traits of the entrepreneur to succeed. In season one, I talked to you about some of the traits of an entrepreneur. I’ll go into more detail in the second season on what the traits of the entrepreneur is and some of the ways you yourself can learn some of these traits and train your brain to have the mindset of the entrepreneur.

So I hope you’ll come along with me on the challenge and the triumph of being an entrepreneur on Mindset Monday. We’ll see you next week.

Just have a think about “are you an entrepreneur now” or “do you want to be an entrepreneur in the future.

Do you want to take action and get control of your life or at least make some extra money too as a business person so that you can have a more successful life and that you can have the things that you want and you can help your family and you can help yourself and you can control your life. So we’ll see you next week. Subscribe to the podcast on Itunes.