Are you Working IN your Business or working ON your Business?

These are the 5 basic Steps to a Business Online

Are you working IN your business or ON your business?

One of the biggest reasons that "business systemization" is so important is that it allows you to step out of your business and focus on ways to make it better. Often we are too concerned with working in our business that we stop working on them- and when we allow this to happen it can often represent the start of a vicious circle and a road to nowhere!


How does business systemization help?


If you are someone who is working in your business, you start each day with a long to-do list and work through it till complete and you start again the next day! You are only managing the workload instead of having some time to think of new direction or new ideas for your business.

If you are working on your business, you have more time for research and development. You are looking for potential future markets to go into and/or forecasting profits for the business. You are finding new ways to grow and expand rather than maintaining the status quo.

How to get to work on your business?

You should be working on increasing your profit and decreasing the amount of time you are working on it. Either way, you are improving your position and that's the point of a business.

Business systemization helps you to get to working on your business because you hand over some chores in your business to automation or staff so you can concentrate on future planning and profit growth.

You won't be constantly putting out fires in your business because you will have systems that automate tasks or staff that can handle the fires and they know what to do to put them out.

Business systemization makes your business more efficient and that means your business can grow and/or you can step back from the chores of doing business.  Recognizing and developing systems in your business can lead to a more fulfilling business and life balance.

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