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What Home Business can a College Graduate start out of College?

As the question is from a college graduate then whatever you have learned in college, you should be able to share with the world part-time while working fulltime in a job. Being a Freelance sharing your skills should be fairly economical. For example, if you graduated with a Liberal Arts Degree, I believe you have […]

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Just WHO is your Competition?

The first step of the competitive analysis is to determine who is your local competition whether offline or online.  This can be done quite simply by driving around and observing and by searching through a telephone directory or searching in Google for similar businesses. The main question will be one of range and determining just […]

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Current state of Entrepreneurship in the World

Things are looking brighter in the startup of small businesses than before the crisis in 2008 according to a OECD Worldbank and Facebook collaboration on survey of small businsses.

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There are 3 Billion People online-Your Tribe is out there!

There are 3,279,088,431 people on the internet today! Tweet: There are 3,279,088,431 people on the internet today! Your message Your product Your service Your passion will serve those who need or want you to help them solve a problem or fulfill a need. Don’t be intimidated by the idea of reaching EVERYONE! You aren’t in […]

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How to Steer your Customers towards you!

  Have you ever really listened to your customers? If you did, there might be a change in focus in the direction that your business will take. I thought that when I started that people would want to have a way to go step by step from idea to launching and then growing your business. […]

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Photo Source Are you thinking that you don’t have the skills you need to do a home business?  Do you wonder how long it would take to learn the skills for a home business idea you would like to do?  Twenty years ago, you would have to consider: taking a vocational or university course at […]

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Is it possible to have a craft business?

Can I make a living with a craft business? Is it just a hobby or can I make it into a business I can do from home? I love to do my crafts but can I make a living with it as the business?

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