What Home Business can a College Graduate start out of College?

As the question is from a college graduate then whatever you have learned in college, you should be able to share with the world part-time while working fulltime in a job. Being a Freelance sharing your skills should be fairly economical.

For example, if you graduated with a Liberal Arts Degree, I believe you have training in English, literature and other liberal arts. Well, there is always a demand for writing for the internet whether it is for blogging, sales pages, white pages or any english skill. There is Upwork or Fiver where you can write up your skills for others to hire. The demand for people who can narrate video or do audio in good clear English is always in demand. You work as the proposals come in so you don’t have to take work if you are too busy in your job. You are hiring yourself out and your skills so there would be small commission for the internet platform but it wouldn’t require much time or money as all you would need is a mobile phone video skills to make your bio etc.

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