In The Business of at Home Business, there is a membership site here  for you to learn about either how to start, run or grow your home business either offline or on the internet with courses on Customer Service and how to use the Internet for Marketing etc.

So check out here information on the monthly Silver membership.

In the Gold membership, there is a monthly Training call on topics like Customers, sales and ways to market your business. You  can find out about The Gold membership here.

There are other programs over at about your message and how to get connected with your prospects and customers so check out the Programs over at  to check out here.


As mentioned, there will be monthly trainings on different topics within the membership.  There is also free e-books and other downloads for you over at the Trainings page to help you learn quickly about starting, running and growing your business.


On the Resources Page, there is a variety of quotes I have used for messaging about business that you can re-pin in Pinterest if you like. As well there is links to other membership sites with video training and resources on the topics of Website Setup, Video Marketing, Social Media marketing etc. so just click on the Membership card to find out more about these low monthly fee Membership sites to learn quickly about a variety of topics you need in your business.


To your Success!

Jane Gardner