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Jane at office in 2000
Jane at office in 2000

This is a photo of me in our “office” in the basement of our house. Originally I had used an upper storey bedroom for the office but it sure got hot in the summer. So, we decided to take over the “den” the lower half of the finished basement.

All we needed was one desk for the computer for me with (believe it or not) an old door as a table for me to work. Brian Lytton, my husband and the Structural Engineer worked to the right at our old Ikea dining room table. He loves that table because it is large enough for him to work and have the structural drawings out to work on. Then, what every Engineering office needs, we had a two bookcase library of Technical Reference Engineering books.

We got tired of having to escort clients down from the Front House Entrance fighting off the licking jumping dogs (more later) to the basement office. Not very professional! So, we got a contractor to enclose our garage and drywall the walls; we also added windows to the ex-garage space so we had lots of light. Now, it is a separate, but not that separate space from our living area.

I will make a video of us in our office working away another day and put it up here  🙂

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