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My Purpose Celebration Tour!  May 1 – May 18, 2014



Location of Trincomalee district of Sri Lanka
Location of Trincomalee district of Sri Lanka (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Six months ago, the opportunity arose to be a part of a tour of Sri Lanka for two weeks so I leapt on the chance because there is possibility of seeing the houses that we built in northern province of  Trincomalee!  Can you imagine the satisfaction of seeing what your hours or volunteering and the group raising money to see the fruits of all your labour.  I am very excited.   I hope through the wonders of the internet to post Images on Facebook and Google during my travels to celebrate the wonder and history of Sri Lanka.  It is at least 25 hours away by plane and halfway around the world but through connections, communications and representatives helping in Sri Lanka,  we were able to build 5 homes.


The highlighted area is the Trincomolee province.







I will be posting pictures from my Purpose Celebration Tour here!





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