Your Big Why -Why do you want to start a home business

Welcome this is Jane Gardner and welcome to start your own home business on Tuesday.
No don’t start it today ūüôā just start your own business Tuesday.

So,let’s start by talking about why do you want to start a home business.

For those of you who are thinking of starting a home business ask yourself “Why” first and then ask yourself “Are you willing to do the things that are needed in order to start a home business?”
“So why are you starting a home business?” Is it because you want to make more money in your life or do you want to be in control of your own life and be able to be your own boss? “Are you desperate for money?” “Are you wanting to support your family better than you are now?” Do you think that it will be a quick way to make more money but you are disillusioned because starting your own home business will always be a challenge. It will always have its freedom and it may always have its challenges as well as its triumphs. So let’s have a sit down and figure out exactly why “what’s the big why” for why you want to start a home business.

Next week, we’ll look into researching and thinking about what kind of home business you want to have. Just so you know, I am interested in talking about online Home businesses as well as offline Home business. Obviously being in a structural engineering firm, our own business that is local and we work in the local area. And obviously we’re not doing any international work or otherwise I would have mentioned it. So, but of course, now there are very few home businesses that are always local. You can always get customers on the Internet now and expand into the Internet.

So, we’ll be talking about offline home businesses as well as online home businesses.

But today I want to just sit down and ask yourself ” why you want to start a home business?”

So for example, my husband and I are in our home business and we’re both in our 50s to 60s. We’d like to retire well but basically my husband cannot retire without closing down the business or he would have to get someone else to take over. So my big “Why” is to try to figure out how I can help others start their own home business by sharing my knowledge and wisdom and some of the practical skills and technology and resources that you can use to start a home business. while at the same time, adding some revenue to our life so that we can retire.

We’ll talk about a practice as a business another day (I’ll just write that down). But our practice is not really a business. For someone who’s an individual like a doctor or dentist or an engineer where basically the business is you. So we’ll talk about that another time and another night whether you want to choose that kind of business.

But today my big why is to try and set up another business so that we can retire and enjoy our retirement as well as earning some revenue to enjoy our life while we’re retired and sharing my wisdom.
So what’s your big why?

Do you have family that you want to support? Certainly we all do have family members who need to have some support from us in terms of money. Do you have children that you want to help go to school or you want to help your grandchildren? Do you want to help other family members with some resources?
Are you looking to earn some extra revenue so that you can enjoy your retirement earlier than you expected or even not retirement just being able to support your family because the job that you’re doing right now, your day job is not fulfilling and you need another choice?

Is your Why you want to start a home business big enough so that you can be able to continue on to start your home business without quitting basically. So my big why is basically I’d like to be able to retire from our engineering firm and my husband as well and¬† because otherwise we’ll be working till we are 75.¬† So this is just my Big Why is being able to share my wisdom in order to have the revenue come in so that we can we close our engineering firm.

So what’s your Big Why?

Are you looking to support your family members? Do you have big medical bills coming up that you need to have support for? Do you have family members who are not in the best form of health and you need to help support them? Some of these things can really help you to have a think¬† before you start a home business to realize that you need to support yourself and your family with this.¬† In those days where the day is long and you’re struggling and you’re having a challenge or you don’t have the amount of money you’d like to come in that you know you have the potential to come in with your business- your WHY has to be Big!

I will help you to remember that Why you’re doing this and the days that you’re spending time in front of the computer or learning a skill or phoning up clients to find out what you need to do or even doing the work for your clients on the weekends instead of¬† spending¬† time with your family.

Are you willing to sacrifice that kind of time in order to have a better life for your family?

So that’s what you have to think about¬† before you start a home business. It’s whether or not you’re willing to sacrifice some time with your family or sacrifice your pleasures. Spend less time in front of the TV or take some time on the weekend and do some work that will help you move forward in your business. Or maybe you have more immediate desires to start your home business because it’s an urgent need for money. You have to realize that when you start home business you really need to have a very strong Why or why you’re doing it in order to get through the days -when you’re starting the business and when you’re struggling to get clients or you are starting to figure out something on the computer or you’re not going to your son’s baseball game because you have to do some work in order to move forward with this business.

You have to figure out if you’re willing to sacrifice that kind of time with your family in order to make a better life for your family.

So think about  your Big Why.
Why do  you want to start a home business?

Are you just tired of getting you know your current job. You don’t think it’s going to move you forward in your life. You won’t¬† get¬† the house that you wanted or the family life you want?

Are you willing to sacrifice some time and some money probably just to get started on your home business?
Whether or not, you that would sacrifice time to  get through the time that you need to work on make your whole business successful?
So next time I think we’ll talk about some of the ideas for an offline home business¬† because I find that no one on the Internet is actually talking about offline business.

Since we started as an offline home business,  I think we should go over some of the ideas and the things that you need to have in terms of being an offline home business. Some of the simple businesses you could have offline as a business as well as maybe  some consulting businesses you might be able to do.  So, we will talk about off line business next week.

So, have a think about your Big Why.¬†¬†Think about whether or not you’re willing to sacrifice your time and maybe a little bit of money in order to get started with your Home Business.

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