What are some of the secrets that no one tells you when starting a home business

When starting your own business there are few myths that have to be dispelled and a few Elephants in the Room that need to be discussed to help you be successful in your business.

The Elephant is the Idea of Getting Rich, Quick on the Internet

There is no “get rich quick ideas” that are legal and work for a long time. **You can be the first** to open a legal marijuana selling business in your community that follows all the rules and pays all the fees needed to open but at some point there will be competitors who will be opening stores nearby. On the internet, there are business ideas that have made money quickly but it doesn’t last as either competitors come in the same field or Google decides to change its algorithm and your “secret get rich idea” suddenly doesn’t work anymore.

Say you find a business idea that everyone loves and pays you for in an sudden instant of money. So you then go spend the money on cars or house and you realize that “the idea isn’t as hot as it used to be” so you have to bring others into your business to expand your market. Well, you do a campaign and once you have paid your employees and affiliates who helped you make $200000 in sales but know the net profit is $50,000. Suddenly it is a business that needs staff, more investment in advertising and time and outreach and its not a “get rich quick idea” anymore.

Being in Business you have to Work!

Having been in home business with husband for 20 years, we know that owning a business is not all laptop free time and working only when we want to. We have clients who we promise to get the work done to a certain deadline so you work till 2 in the morning if you need to get it done for 8 a.m. in the morning. If the work isn’t done, you have an unhappy client and you don’t get paid on deadline. There is a myth going round that you can work 20 hours a week and make a $100,000 but you have to have automations and outsourcing some of your work for you to make that kind of money only doing 20 hours a week.

The Secret is Persistence

It isn’t a glamourous answer on the *secret to success in business* but it is being persistent even when you fail and moving forward and adapting to the current business climate to keep on as a successful entrepreneur.

The other secret is to come into The Business of At Home Business Community and get some great advice, resources, training and ideas on starting a home business (but you knew that already. 🙂 )

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