Want to Change your Job?

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Are you tired of working at a job you don’t like? Do you wonder if there is some other work  I could do that I would enjoy working at ?  Then you should acknowledge that you want to change and find out what can make you happy in your life.  One way to start looking at your life and how to change your life is to look at what are your passions in life ?

For example, if you won the lottery and you had won enough to cover living expenses, what would you do every day?    Now, people are not designed to lie around all day sleeping so don’t say “nothing.”  What do you get a thrill from doing?  What leaves you satisfied after you do it. What gives you a rush of adrenalin or euphoria after finishing a  “job well done”.

We all have things we are passioniate about that makes us happy.  What do you love to do?  Just think about the things you love to do (forgetting about how to monetize it or work at it).

For example, for myself I love to paint and draw. I have been doing it since I was little. It is a passion. I get a rush of good feeling while I am in the process figuring out what colour goes where and how I can make a colour that can be put in painting to give the illusion of a reflection. For me, the fun of painting is the process of exploring how to make paint create the illusion of real life. Once the artwork is done, i am happy it is done but the process of creation is what creates happiness within me.

So, for you, what do you love to do?  Be general about your life, for example, I love to be with my grandchildren or be specific, I love to cook.

Think about your life

Have you ever sat quietly for an hour and thought about your life? Just sitting in a quiet room and asking yourself where am i in my life, am i happy and if not, how can I change things so I am happier will help you to make that change.  If you do that every week, you wil get closer to creating that change.

Ask yourself these questions

Ignoring what the work would be to monetize your life,  just ask yourself these questions:

    • What would be your ideal life?
    • What would you do in an ideal day?
    •  How much money do you need per month?
    •  How many hours would you work?
    • What other activities would you do in the day?
    • Would you travel and how often?
    • How would you help your family and friends and even the world?

If you have an idea on what you are passionate about and you can define what an ideal day would be for you in and  ideal life then it becomes a vision or goal to start thinking about and what will be the strategy to get you there.

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