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How the Emotions of the Customer can affect the relationship with your business

The emotions of the customer are playing in as a greater factor in purchase decision making than previously thought.

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Customer Service Trends Predictions

Gartner Research predicts that customers will handle 85% of their relationships with a company without ever interacting with another human by the year 2020 from 8 Mega Customer Service Trends for 2016 This year it will be more important than ever for your customer service teams to provide quality support. At the end of the day, […]

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Do you have a customer service plan in your business?

Is Customer Service in your Business Plan? If not, why not? Time to think about your customer and how to keep them in your business.

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State of Entrepreneurial Spirit!

[svpVideo v=1] WATCH THE VIDEO! INSPIRING! Today, I learned about this program (that I wished I had when I was young) called Startupskool at early entrepreneurs. It is a foundation whose mission is to create a revolution of social innovators. As mentioned on their website, We gave a handful of elementary classrooms each a $100 […]

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Testimonials, do you do them?

[svpVideo v=1] Testimonials for companies that you work with and you are happy with the customer service and the information that you learned, do you do them? Do you ask for testimonials from your customers when the work or service you did for them is complete? No. Then you are missing out on the best […]

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Can Your Smartphone Replace Your Desktop Computer for Work?

  Photo Source / Desaturated from original   Many of us consider our desktop computers primarily as work devices. These are the machines we use when we’re writing documents, updating spreadsheets, creating slideshows and presentations and pretty much whenever we have any kind of work to do.But desktop computers are not portable and they are prone […]

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How Times have changed

      [svpVideo v=1] Back in 1999 , Joel Comm was interviewed to explain what the internet is and his internet online business.  How times have changed but why we use the internet remains the same. 

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Omni-channel mobile

According to +Think with Google surveys are research, 71% of smartphone users surveyed will use their smartphone for research while IN THE STORE. They are comparing, checking for latest prices, availability, choices in the survey during Xmas shopping season.

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Mobilegeddon is having an effect

According to Stone Temple Consulting who did a before Mobilegeddon and after (April 17, 2015) in Google Search Rankings there is a significant drop in Google Search rankings for websites that aren’t mobilefriendly.  See post below for the comments on how they did the study.  What does that mean for you? What does your website […]

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PageSpeed Insights

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