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Be True to Yourself

  The Customer is not always right!  Guest Post by Ken Keis of Opinion: A view, judgment, or appraisal formed in the mind about a particular matter; belief stronger than impression and less strong than positive knowledge; a formal expression of judgment.  Yes, there are times when our clients have concerns to which we need […]

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Get Started

Get Started From James Cleary article: In 1966, a dyslexic sixteen-year-old boy dropped out of school. With the help of a friend, he started a magazine for students and made money by selling advertisements to local businesses. With only a little bit of money to get started, he ran the operation out of the crypt […]

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  Be More Productive with DROPBOX  Never have to email a File again and get it bounced back to you because your web provider has a maximum Bandwidth per day for you to use.   In our engineering office, we would always get calls from the contractor saying “My zipped pictures got bounced back to […]

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A pause during the day

Be Grateful Always remember to pause for five minutes during the hectic workday and be grateful. Find a poem, find a video like this one with the “Birds of the Ocean” , the Manta Rays or just meditate and turn the phone off. Be Grateful for what you have in your life. THE VIDEO credit […]

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Unexpected Skunk!

Unexpected Events It is always good to be flexible in your day to day planning when you have a home based business. What happens when a skunk decides to ruin your day and stops your business in its tracks? A couple of weeks ago, I got a call from my brother, with a cat howling […]

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Life as a consultant – Fred’s Story Part 2

Fred had been working as a sub-consultant for his previous company for about six months when he had a look at his money coming in versus his expenses for his business. His time spent working at home was more productive. He was spending about five hours a day in his home office available for his […]

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