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Finding your passion

Need Help Finding Your Passion? It’s a common refrain that you should “Do what you love, and the money will follow.” In fact, someone even wrote a book by that name! But not everyone knows what it is they love that they could build a business around. It’s easy if you’re Tiger Woods, and you’ve […]

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Aline Boundy of Align with Your Purpose

About Align with your Purpose

  ABOUT Aline   Hi, I’m Aline Boundy, founder of Align With Your Purpose, which is dedicated to helping you discover, become clear and live in alignment with  your life purpose. Through telesummit interviews with experts in the field of personal development and my fairly regular newsletters, Align With Your Purpose disseminates information and tools to support you to: Go […]

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What is your life purpose?

  A Guest Post by Aline Boundy of  Align With Your Purpose           About Aline Boundy        What is Your Life Purpose? To be clear about your Life Purpose is to put down the foundation for future growth. So the sooner you become clear, the better your results will be in EVERY […]

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Purpose found

This video doesn’t seem to work in Google with Shockwave Flash, if you have trouble, try Internet Explorer or Firefox browser. IT is worth it! This CBS story spoke to me as it is the funniest things that will help you find your purpose.  Whether it is what people say about you or whether you […]

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Be your own boss infographic

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What is a perfect name for my business

What is the perfect name for my new home business? Is there a reason I should pick a business name carefully?
When it is time to figure out a name for your new home business sometimes it can be som…

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Is it possible to have a craft business?

Can I make a living with a craft business? Is it just a hobby or can I make it into a business I can do from home? I love to do my crafts but can I make a living with it as the business?

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Want to Change your Job?

Are you tired of working at a job you don’t like? Do you wonder if there is some other work  I could do that I would enjoy working at ?  Then you should acknowledge that you want to change and find out what can make you happy in your life.  One way to start looking at your […]

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Grow Your Business

Grow your Business
Fred had a successful consulting service serving many clients in his community. He enjoyed his days in his home office but he was finding that he wasn’t spending the time with his family as much as he…

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Businessman tired and confused

Be my own boss?

Have you thought of starting a business but have no idea what you want to do?   Is it possible that you could make income from physical work? Have you done physical work before in your life? Do you feel the most satisfied and content when you are outside working in the sun? Are you […]

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