Top 10 things not to do in a Google Hangout on Air!



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Why did I want to do the Youtube video you see above the article? I wanted to create a video/audio version of the “Think Like an Entrepreneur” article on my website. Then I would take a copy of the audio out and put it into an audio player. I wanted to place a text, video and audio version of the Think Like an Entrepreneur all as one post on my website.

People have different ways that they like to consume and more importantly remember information. Some people like to read the article, some like to watch visual pictures and some like to listen to information. This is called VARK model- visual learners, auditory learners, reading writing learners (that ‘s me) and kinestic learners (not sure, i can accomodate those learners but we will try ). It is a type of (NLP) neuro linguistic programming which is a simple way of saying either I love to see pictures, I love to hear, I love to read text or I love to touch. Anyway, i expect the only way I could accomodate the Kinestic learners is to get them to do an exercise like mindmapping with blocks – worth doing to figure out how to think like an entrepreneur!

So, anyway, while I tried to make the multimedia version of the article with Hangouts on Air because it is a free, yes, free way to record yourself or your monitor screen, these are the 10 ways I screwed up doing my first Hangout on Air video.

1.  No light – always have lights shining if you want to be seen. It was dusk. 
2.  Messy background- don’t have distracting messy background -hide it with backdrop.
3.  Don’t press “Start Broadcasting” until you are ready to broadcast. That is why I am wondering if I had        stopped the previous broadcast recording. 
4.  Press Screenshare button before you press Start Broadcasting as (you can see) I hadn’t planned to        be in recording.

5.  Before you start a recording

    • Check your appearance
    • Check your background
    • Get some lights on 
    • Clear your throat
    • Blow your nose
    • Swallow the saliva
    • Take a deep breath

6.  Print out the article to read and read it a few times beforehand so you aren’t staring intently at screen         trying to read the article at same time. 

7.  Move the webcam or Camera to eye level so you don’t look like a munchkin staring up at camera.
8.  Remember “ScreenShare” means all of your computer desktop screen and you don’t have                        control over it.  So either:

    • Zoom in to what you want to share so it covers the whole screen 
    • Create a Powerpoint Slide of what you want to share and then make it a Full Screen Presentation. 
    • Even better, create a video of what you want to share and just run the video full screen!
    • Or just put your “Profile” picture from Google+ up on screen (that is one of the choices) and read your article into the microphone

9.  Remember to say out loud or read out load what you want to say a couple of times before you record.      As I loved the improvising “Thank you for coming” but I didn’t like the fumbling speech.
10.  Also be mute whenever you aren’t speaking your text, otherwise, you will be like me and mumble.

Edit your video afterwards either in Youtube Video Manager before publishing to edit out mistakes or download it from Youtube onto your computer to edit in your favourite Video editor like Camtasia Studio. Remember that there is always someone who had the same challenge as you. I did a search in Youtube for “how to download video from Youtube and I found an expert who demonstrated using a Firefox browser add-on you can use to download any video from Youtube. Of course, you should always have the rights to any video you use in the future.


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