Dream your future

Habit of Excellence

In the future, if you could have the life of your dreams, what would you be doing? 

  1. Where would you live?
  2. What kind of home would you have? 
  3. What would be a typical day in your new life?
  4. What kind of people would you work with?
  5. Would you work on your own? 
  6. What kind of workday do you want?
  7. Where would you spend your vacations?
  8. How often do you want to have a vacation?
  9. How much time do you want to spend with your family?
  10. How much time do you want to do the fun things you enjoy in life?
  11. How much time would be an ideal work day? 
  12. Do you like working indoors or do you want to work outdoors?
  13. Do you like to meet people or do you like to work on your own? 


Once you have your written description of what kind of life and how long and what type of work you would like to do.

You can then start figuring out how to get that lifestyle. If you just wander through life taking a job here or there without any vision of the life you really want then you will have found at the end of your days that you didn’t live the life you wanted.  So, you need to sit down now with yourself and ask “If I could live the life of my dreams, what would I be doing?”  

You will need to have a long term vision of everything you want so that you will see the opportunities that come up to help you on that path to the life of your dreams. 

Since all humans require growth not only for survival but also to be happy, you are giving yourself a path for growth that can last the rest of your life. 


The only way you can sustain a permanent change is to create a new way of thinking, acting, and being. Jennifer Hudson 2012