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    • Canva
    • Paypal
    • Amazon s3
    • Gmail
    • Start a Home Business Step by Step
    • WordPress
    • Zoom
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Business Patience

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Awaken – 10 Steps to Help You Discover and Leverage Your Talent

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SEO and Keywords

Search Engine Optimization and Keywords Why are they important to your website and blogging? How can you optimize your SEO and Keywords

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How to Make a Mobile Friendly Website

What is a mobile friendly website defined and how to make your website mobile friendly

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How to Find and Interview Influencers

Influencers, or well-known experts in your field, offer a great way to attract new customers and expand the reputation of your business. Connecting with known influencers and interviewing them publicly can validate your products and services, build your credibility as an expert in your own right, and show you to be a valuable resource for […]

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How to be an Influencer

When people perceive you as having credibility and expertise in a given field, your opinion and recommendations gain vital credibility. Your ideas and the content you create, whether delivered through audio, video, text, or another form of media, is quickly shared and taken to heart. Most importantly, people respect your experience and trust your knowledge.

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How to use Storytelling in your Marketing

Research shows that likeability is one of the main drivers behind consumer purchase decisions. While there are many ways to make yourself ‘likeable’, a good story about yourself or your brand is one of the most distinctive and memorable methods

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Personal Storytelling in Business

Stories communicate to the listener exactly what you do and what you stand for. Therefore, it’s essential to craft compelling stories, both about yourself and your business.

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Know your Numbers in your Business

Know your Numbers in your Business

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The Power of the Niche

Successful business owners online and off agree that “When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” What is the most crucial element of preparing a business plan? You must first identify the niche or market you are going to enter. Do this correctly and your business will not only match your passions, but it […]

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