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James Altucher best advice to a teenage daughter

You can’t lead a horse to water to drink. This is a great article on Medium by James Altucher about families and entrepreneurship.  As he said, he was always working even when he is young. For me, I was lucky to be in a middle class family so if I wanted something like  my first […]

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Introvert Entrepreneur can be successful!

The Age of the Introvert Entrepreneur

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Always Be Positive

  Develop Positive Habits the Easy Way by Using Choice Bias Choice bias is the reason why the same sandwich tastes better when you order it off a menu compared to when someone else picks it out for you. It’s also an effective tool for teaching yourself good habits. Studies have shown that our preference […]

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5 Powerful Mind Success Strategies

5 Powerful Mind Success Strategies  Building a business is a fantastic and challenging experience. You can wake up exhilarated to begin your day and go to bed feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. The key to success is to maintain a positive, yes you can do it, mindset. Easier said than done, right? Here are 5 keys […]

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What is Personal Style

                What is Personal Style Anyway? It is surely true that no two people are ever exactly alike. It is equally true that in certain ways, all people are the same. This seeming paradox is the vessel that contains the concept of personality. E. J. Phares The Parts […]

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5 Secrets

    5 Secrets of Successful Home Business Entrepreneurs Successful home business entrepreneurs are not born; they’re made. They make themselves successful by practicing certain habits. Without these habits, it’s nearly impossible to weather all of the storms you’ll face running your business. Here are 5 of the secrets of entrepreneurial success. They’re Passionate The […]

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Dream your future

.  In the future, if you could have the life of your dreams, what would you be doing?  Where would you live? What kind of home would you have?  What would be a typical day in your new life? What kind of people would you work with? Would you work on your own?  What kind […]

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Finding your passion

Need Help Finding Your Passion? It’s a common refrain that you should “Do what you love, and the money will follow.” In fact, someone even wrote a book by that name! But not everyone knows what it is they love that they could build a business around. It’s easy if you’re Tiger Woods, and you’ve […]

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Aline Boundy of Align with Your Purpose

About Align with your Purpose

  ABOUT Aline   Hi, I’m Aline Boundy, founder of Align With Your Purpose, which is dedicated to helping you discover, become clear and live in alignment with  your life purpose. Through telesummit interviews with experts in the field of personal development and my fairly regular newsletters, Align With Your Purpose disseminates information and tools to support you to: Go […]

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