What should I know about starting a Home Business?

You should be aware of the regulations that might affect the business you are interested in running from home.

I know rules and regulations are boring.

However, the government whether overall or local has the power to close your business down once you get started.

Whether your business is in your local community or on the internet or both, there are always rules.

Other than the government wanting their taxes from your revenue and the government wanting to make sure your business work environment is safe for your employees, your neighbours whether living in the home beside yours or apartment across the way from yours will be the biggest issue which some people donā€™t consider when starting their business.

Your neighbours can complain about the new traffic coming to your home office. Your neighbours can complain about lack of parking from your client visitors taking up spaces. Your neighbours can complain about the increase in noise or the increase in smells etc. from your new business. The neighbours go to local authority who can fine you depending on the bylaws or rules in your community. In an apartment complex, all these complaints can apply and you could be evicted if there is rule on no businesses in your apartment bylaws.

We started back 20 years with our own home-based local engineering business when home-based business bylaws were only just being created but we have always made sure we are a quiet neighbour by making visits to clients residence a priority and clients come on infrequent basis to your home office.

Believe it or not, even if you have a business always on the internet, if your neighbours notice increased deliveries they can complain to local authority.

So, always be a quiet neighbourhood business. šŸ™‚

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