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As concerts sell out quickly online, paid livestreaming of concerts has become a way to generate more revenue. With a funny video, Tomorrowland festival which sells out quickly is announcing that this year they will have not 1 but 4 livestreamings of the concert acts.

With four channels of streaming over the 6 days of the festival, some of Tomorrowland’s biggest sets will be showcased by Tomorrowland announces livestream through a hysterical trailer | We Rave You


To increase their audience Kendal Calling festival has joined up with Twitch livestreaming broadcaster to stream their concert live – no muddy fields to sit in anymore!

Tim Peaks, Calling Out and Glow tent live from the comfort of your home or – for the less hardy festival goer – your tent. This is especially useful since the festival sold out faster than ever back in February and sadly some of the usual faces missed out on their tickets. by Kendal Calling partners with Twitch to livestream festival performances

Even a mistake in the livestream can cause instant celebrity as the pop group MVP found out when they got 54,000 views in 2 minutes because they were using Wanna One’s group livestream. Imagine what would happen for your business if you got 2000 views in 2 minutes!

Rookie group MVP accidentally ‘hacks’ Wanna One’s livestream by Rookie group MVP accidentally ‘hacks’ Wanna One’s livestream



Sports Trends

Knowing how popular sports are, there is a rush to get livestreaming working on the social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. There are sports corporations signing agreements with them to broadcast.

MLB Announces Facebook Will Livestream Games with No Blackout Every Friday by MLB Announces Facebook Will Livestream Games with No Blackout Every Friday

Twitter had livestreaming of Wimbledon this year on the platform. For those on their phone or tablet waiting in the airport or work, it must be fun but it won’t take over for the mega-screen live broadcast on T.V.

Twitter’s Livestreaming Sports Lineup Now Includes the Arena Football League by Twitter’s Livestreaming Sports Lineup Now Includes the Arena Football League

The Milken Institute has a conference on the business of sports with a discussion of live TV and social media streaming services for Wrestlemania or the British Soccer League. “Know their play habits, their watching habits and ..growth of sports fans. “7 year olds know more about UFC growing their fans from the “The Business of Sports” by The Business of Sports on Livestream

However, livestreaming is become a force for amateur sports as it increases awareness for any sport. I’m sure your local soccer team has family members proudly broadcasting their child’s effort to grandparents! Livestreaming is helping with awareness for all kinds of sports and even funding whether crowdfunding or charitable.  I saw all the other adaptive sports that aren’t being broadcast out there, and that’s why I started ParaSportsLive to bring these sports to everybody,” he said. by NH man launching livestream platform for parasports nationwide | NH1

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