Testimonials, do you do them?

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Testimonials for companies that you work with and you are happy with the customer service and the information that you learned, do you do them?

Do you ask for testimonials from your customers when the work or service you did for them is complete?


Then you are missing out on the best form of lead generation for your business.

I did this testimonial for www.hangoutmarketingu.com as I was asked and I was very happy with what I learned about Hangouts On Air in the program.  When I am asked how I learned to do Hangouts On Air, you can bet I will be referring them on to Hangoutmarketing because I was pleased with everything I learned for doing the lessons.

Is there a  better way to get free leads back to your business with happy customers telling everyone they know about your service?  No!

In the  structural engineering business with my husband, we do absolutely no advertising other than a listing in the Yellow Pages.  Remember the Yellow Pages!  We get all our customers from referrals. Whether it is from customers who we did work for before and their neighbour wants some advice on a good engineer or it is a local contractor who wants to make his new customer happy with good service, we get ALL our leads from referrals.

Customer referral marketing is one of the marketing strategies that is rarely talked about, especially online.

Does your customer give you any feedback after they receive your service or product about how happy or what was missing that made them unhappy? Do you ask?

Does your customer get a request from you for a testimonial if they were pleased with your service?   Do you follow-up and see if there is a quick way you can get them to submit something?  It could be a quick interview on video; it could be a survey to quickly fill in or a written testimonial.

I always use Consumer Reports when I am buying an expensive item for the house like a T.V. or car.  Why wouldn’t people want to know what other people got out of your service or product before they purchase!

Customer service is key to a successful business whether offline or online and this is what we talk about, as well as other topics, in the Business of At Home Business membership!  Check it out here.