First Impressions Matter

Your first impression of someone may be hasty and incorrect, but it colors how you feel about them for years to come. It's very hard to wipe away the first thoughts and feelings you had about someone.

This is true not only of people you meet, but also brands and their products. It's important for businesses to consider the first impression they make and leverage it to make the best impression possible.

No matter how solid your unique value proposition or your products and services may be, the first impression you make on potential customers or clients is largely what influences them to eventually buy from you. From the very beginning, you need to make an impression that sells and continue developing this impression through your relationship with the client or customer.

Module 1 First Impressions Introduction
Unit 1 First Impressions Matter
Module 2 How to Give a Good First Impression
Unit 1 Getting to Know You
Unit 2 How to Get People to Like You
Unit 3 Gaining Trust
Unit 4 First Impressions Conclusion
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