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  • Start a Home Business Step by Step course and workbook will get you building the foundations of your business and defining your marketing plan before you start.
  •  100 business tools that will save time and money in your business.
  • WordPress for Beginners as WordPress may be free but it is very powerful essential tool for your toolkit!
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how to make a 1000

How to Make $1000 in a week in an online business

So you want to make a $1000 in a week and you don’t know what to do to start making some money. Well, if you are desperate, I would sell something I own like a car or some furniture but I don’t think that is what is being asked. 🙂

So, you want to make money and you don’t want to invest in tools or software to create some product or do a service to sell.

So, with no money, you can use your brain and your writing skills to write some how-to documents to sell with private label rights. So, you would write some how-to create a … or how to do step by step documents and put them up on Fiverr to sell at 0.50 a page or (whatever the market currently charges). It is taking me 10 minutes to write this article and so if I was to write for 40 minutes, how many pages would I have to sell? If it was a good how-to make $1000 a week from home information and I sold it with private label rights so that anyone could put their name on it and use on their websites and I sold it for $5 then I would only need 200 people to buy it in a week to get my $1000.

But of course, you have to first find out what people really want to buy as it might be in more demand to buy a private label rights document on how to build a mailing list using Aweber or it might be in more demand to write a document on the Step by Step to sell on Amazon. It all depends on your market and what they are struggling with so you have to do some research on social media like Facebook or Twitter.

So, you have writing skills but you want to be paid before you start and finish a document then go to Upwork or other freelance sites to find proposals of writing work you can do that you might be able to do from your experience. Even if you are a mom you have experience in care-giving that might be of value to other moms that you could share.

There are 4 billion people on the internet at various stages of experience from newbie to internet marketer to crafter to coach to major organizations who need content and you just have to find the people who want your wisdom.

For more on starting a home business go to The Business of At Home Business Community where I share wisdom, resources and ideas on starting a home business.

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