Beyond the Hill



Have you ever wondered why you keep on with your dream of your own business?
You can see it just over the hill. You know it is a sound idea and you know there are clients out there who need what you have to give. However, when you look at how far you have gotten towards that dream versus where you thought you would be by now in your business, do you get frustrated?
We all do.
I’m beginning to think that human beings have always looked beyond the horizon and we make goals that no human being could do with the time, life and things that come up in our life.

For example, I had made the goal to create a membership site and have it ready by end of June but who knew that spammers would come and violate inside WordPress so I have to slow down in my forward motion.
I had a good frustrated, grumpy day growling at my poor husband (who knows nothing about internet and WordPress) and snapped at clients. Luckily (my husband says) I can cry and get rid of the frustration and sit down, take a deep breath and ask “okay how do I fix this?”

Well, three days later of research and contacting busy support desks, I may have resolved this issue and I can move forward again.

What helped was deciding “okay, yes, I have this issue but what can I do else to get closer to the dream?” So, I moved one step forward by building a sales page. There isn’t a membership site to sell but …Wow! when that membership site is built , it will be amazing and I have an awesome sales page waiting for it.
So, when you are feeling overwhelmed with life, time and challenges hindering your progress, ask yourself, what is one step forward today even if it is just a blog post or a video or something else you can create to move you forward.

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