Never too young

These are the kind of stories that excite me about the younger generation!  He had a passion for bowties so he designed and sewed his own and then people became aware of it.  He got a mentor in Daymond John on Shark Tank to get his dream into a business.  When running a business, it […]

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James Altucher best advice to a teenage daughter

You can’t lead a horse to water to drink. This is a great article on Medium by James Altucher about families and entrepreneurship.  As he said, he was always working even when he is young. For me, I was lucky to be in a middle class family so if I wanted something like  my first […]

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Introvert Entrepreneur can be successful!

The Age of the Introvert Entrepreneur

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Grow Your Business

Grow your Business
Fred had a successful consulting service serving many clients in his community. He enjoyed his days in his home office but he was finding that he wasn’t spending the time with his family as much as he…

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Phrenology Brain

Think like an entrepreneur

Gaining control of your mind is the most challenging but also the most rewarding thing you can possibly do. Why? Because once you learn how to direct your mind, you can guide it to help you achieve anything that you fully commit to. You do this through mind conditioning. I also like to call it […]

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