Age Doesn’t Define an Entrepreneur Anymore

24 years ago,according to a Kaufmann Institute poll, only 14% of new entrepreneurs were between the age of 50 and 64. In 2019 over 25% of new entrepreneurs are 55 to 64 which is the same % as the younger entrepreneurs they surveyed. Being older does not stop the entrepreneurial spirit in 2020.

Now the internet and computers have helped the accessibility of all age groups to being an entrepreneur. There is a trend for telecommuting and working from home which has given people interested in being an entrepreneur, the freedom to provide products or services without having to have an office or retail store in order to do business.

With the demands of life and expenses increasing there is almost a necessity for getting a cash flow in other than your retirement funds. Now with the pandemic stopping all work and getting more people unemployed regardless of age, there is a real drive to not be dependent on a career and take control of your life.

Now there may be some re-training needed to get the skills for the business you want to have or even to learn the machinations of how to run a business but age shouldn’t stop anyone from taking control of their finances and find a new business to give them the life they want.  Now is the time while  you stay at home to research plan and even get started on a new business parttime .

The internet provides the freedom to connect with others all over the world.  There is software for communication like Skype and Zoom and Google Meet to connect.  There are  universities and Learning platforms for any skill you might need to start a business like Udemy or Coursera or Skillshare (search in Google).

I am passionate about helping others start a home business because age shouldn’t stop you from starting.  The passion to help others with their business is why I created the Business of At Home Business membership!  During the pandemic, I am offering a $1 membership to come in and learn about what it takes to start a home business. You can see more about the Membership and all the assets inside and courses to implement like the Psychology of Marketing and How to build an eTribe  here at the membership page.

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