To Have Systems in your Business


Welcome. This is Jane Gardner.

And today we’re going to go looking at the systems you can put in your business to save you time and money making you more productive, get more sales and get more leads to have a great business so let’s get started.

As you know I’m Jane Gardner and we’re talking about systems today. I know that sounds very boring to most people but systems in your business will allow you to have the time to get more sales and also lets you have more time with your family and friends to get yourself a lifestyle business.

So we’re going to be talking about the five systems that you need to have in an online business today as well as offline business of course. So we’re going to be looking at first off making yourself a hub on the internet or a hub in your business where you can be found so that would be your web site and how to set up a system so that your web site is the location that people can come to and they can find out who you are as well as obviously sign up for anything you have or you can get sales as well as get engagement.

So your web site is a system that is built for you to collect it.

So you have a lead system as well that’s set up for you so that you can collect leads without having to be there day and night. It’s collecting leads for you because you set up a system that does it.

You can set up a system for engagement whether it’s on social media or on the internet. Making sure you keep connected with your customers that you have or keeping connected and following up with your clients that you have.

There’s a system for you to have sales. How to set up a system for your sales so that you have some automation so that you’re not always having to do it from scratch every day slowing you down, losing focus, not progressing as quickly as you want.

Having a system for your sales so you can go out, and people can interact with your sales system whether or not you’re there or whether or not you’re open as far as being out there, can work for you day or night.

As well you need a payment system set up so that it’s automatic and will collect any payments for you and release any products or services that you’re going to be have with your customer or client.

So that’s when it can also work for you day and night. Well, of course previously without the internet your day of business was nine to five or all every seven days a week. For us, it was usually 8:00 in the morning till about 6:00 at night. So right now it is seven days a week because this is when we’re available. But if you get your business onto the Internet of course with the difference in the hours all over the world you can actually go and do business as long as you have some automation and use systems so that you could collect a sale or two in the morning while you’re asleep from someone over in England who’s found your product to be something that they want. So I know this isn’t something that you think very important in your business and it’s certainly not very exciting to have systems but these systems in your business will allow you to make more sales and get more engagement and collect more leads and of course process more payments and have a website that is interacting with your customers and clients so they get to know like and trust you.

So your systems and your business are almost the most critical thing in your business because it gives you the time to collect more leads; to follow up more often with your clients; to have more time for yourself rather than having to work all day in your business.

You all have systems in your business that will help you to organize and make you more productive and give you the free time that you need in order to be successful in your business.

So my approach may be starting with offline business like I mentioned in your home business and some of the systems that you can put into your offline home business now and ignore the internet next week. Anyway, we are trying to because ,of course, in offline business can work just as well on the Internet as online.

You have five systems in your business.

Do you have a lead system to collect leads?

Do you have a Web site that’s online so that people can visit you even though you may be asleep? They can come visit your web site and see what you sell or see who you are.

Do you have a sale system in your business so that it can work while you’re asleep?

Basically you’re sleeping all the time and you have something to engage with systems on social media or engage with people on email lists.

Then of course do you have a payment system set up in your business so that you can collect payments from the sales that are made from that leads that you get from the email that you send out etc..? So that’s all going to be talking about on systems Saturday so I hope you’ll find this useful and we’ll talk to you next week.