Prioritize For Success

You will learn strategies to help you set priorities effectively and make sure things get done. There is a Workbook included to do the activities.

Module 1 Prioritize your Success
Unit 1 Prioritize for Success - Introduction
Unit 2 Prioritize Your Success-Why you Need to Set Priorities
Unit 3 Prioritize for Success - Daily Priorities start with Long Term Goals
Module 2 The Basics
Unit 1 Prioritize for Success - Basics of Setting Priorities
Unit 2 Prioritizing for Success -Categorizing your Daily Tasks
Unit 3 Prioritize for Success - Ranking Things to Do
Unit 4 Prioritizing for Success - Rating Priorities on a Scale
Unit 5 Prioritizing for Success - Time Boxing
Module 3 The Monitoring of your Priorities
Unit 1 Prioritizing for Success- Monitoring how you spend your Time
Unit 2 Prioritizing your Success- Identifying Distractions
Unit 3 Prioritizing for Success - Common Mistakes to Avoid
Unit 4 Prioritize Your Success - Conclusion
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