5 Steps to An Online Business





Today we’re going to be talking about systems again because you need systems in your business in order to save time and save you money and ,  of course,  give you the time to go out and get more money!

So,  we’re going to talk today about the five steps to have an online business and we’re going to be talking about one step at a time.



So, today we’re going to be talking about your Web site. Basically,  there are five basic steps to getting an online business on the Internet.

  1. The first step is to get a hub on the Internet. So,  to get your web site to have a place for your visitors to come and have a place for your clients to come and have a place for people to contact you.
  2. Then the second step is to get video and audio storage and product storage which is separate from your Web site. This will be the place that you will connect to process any sales. Obviously this is where you keep your product or and where you keep your messaging.
  3. Then you have the collection system which will collect your leads which will then become clients as long as you continue to contact them on a regular basis.
  4. The fourth step is to get a sales system set up in your business. This sale system will be connected to your Web site.
  5. Then the fifth step is to get a marketing system to send your prospects to your Web site.


So those are the five basic steps for getting a system that will collect yearly to  engage your visitors and keep a place for you to have your product and store your videos and ideas you might need for your website and keep it separate from your web site so that if your Web site goes down or your video and audio product isn’t lost now.

Four Things you Need to Have for a Website

You will need to invest in some software tools to make the system work on its own of course. However,  there are some free software and tools that you can use as well.

You can get a hub on the  Internet which is your Web site. For that,  you, of course,  you need a domain name which we’ll talk about in a minute. You need hosting for your web site and then you need a WordPress Web site is my preference as it is easy to use. Then you need an SSL secure certificate which I think it says will talk about this in a minute.

But first of all, lets  talk about your dream team now.

Your domain name is basically a name that is registered on the Internet which is the identifier for your Internet address. So, on the Internet you have internet hosting and Internet domain providers who give you what is called an IP address of say 1 9 2 1 6 8 45 23 but then it becomes identified to a domain which makes it much easier for people to connect with you.

So, you need to get domain name.

Of course,  I have a small story on that  as when I went to pick the name The business of home business,  Google was ranking according to keywords and at home business was a lower ranking key word than Home Based Business or entrepreneur et cetera. So,  it was available. The business at home business but you know obviously home business is a very competitive domain name. So,  there wasn’t any other choice. So I picked that because it was sort of like the others that were more popular like home business or home biz or home based business. But in the end, when I picked the business home business,  it was perfect. It was awkward and of course it’s a very long address but the business of our home business is my brand because I want to assist others with the foundations and business of their business while they deal with involving their vision and brand for their business.  So, my brand is who I am even though I would have been another brand.

So what about you?

I mean does your business name speak about who you are in your business and see if it’s available so you can reserve a domain name.  There’s various places on the Internet where you can get your name reserved. Obviously,  I’m not going to say any domain name provider is better than the other but I have a few listed here.


Most of all the hosting providers will also register your domain name or get registered and then you need to get hosting as I mentioned before because you need a place in your house. This is going to have your Web site hosted on a host business. So,  for example go daddy and hostgator and  blue host,  they are all hosting providers and they put your information into a website location.

They give you a location on their servers on the Internet and then you point your domain name to that location on their server and that becomes your Web site.

So you need hosting.

Then, of course , as I mentioned you need to get a WordPress Web site because I know there’s other platforms but WordPress software is free. It’s easy to learn and is very flexible in how you use it. I mean even a newbie person can work with WordPress once they learn the basics so you need as a solopreneur,  you need to be in control of your own assets.

Now  some web design,  you can make quick and simple edits to your Web site and you don’t have to wait for your web designer. So that is why I recommend WordPress because I know it sounds intimidating but it actually is very easy to use.

Then the last thing which has become so important because it’s actually required by almost all Web sites now and is in fact you can get free certificates. It’s called an SSL secure certificate,  a secure socket layer certificate which proves to Google search that your web site is safe and also to your visitors will feel more comfortable about entering their credit card number on your Web site.

So, if you don’t have an SSL certificate then sometimes Google will put a big red mark through your domain name when someone is searching for it to say I’m not sure this is secure and you want to really get go there and of course you want your visitors to come anytime.

So if it’s so easy to get a free SSL certificate I would certainly recommend it.


So those are the four things that you need to get for your Web site set up.


So,  in your business you need to have systems.

You can have five systems in your business.


  1. You have a Web site system.
  2. You have your sale system you have your payment system.
  3. You have your storage system.
  4. You have a collection system to collect leads and customers.
  5. Your marketing system to send your prospects onto your Web site.

We’ll talk about the other systems in a later post but for now, join The Business of At Home Business to get your online business up quick with systems to make a lifestyle business!