James Altucher best advice to a teenage daughter

You can’t lead a horse to water to drink.

This is a great article on Medium by James Altucher about families and entrepreneurship.  As he said, he was always working even when he is young. For me, I was lucky to be in a middle class family so if I wanted something like  my first camera, I did babysitting to save for it.  

However, you can tell others what they should do but if they don’t want to do it, they won’t unless they see the value of their Return on Investment (ROI).  By investing the time and energy into going out and telling people about your service and facing the possibility of being rejected,  this can be quite an intimidating step to take for people. 

Maybe if entrepreneurship was taught in school (it is in some schools) then young people would be more open to the idea of controlling their destiny by starting their own business. 

For you I would recommend reading some books by entrepreneurs on starting their own business like 

Read further on how to setup a home-based business or even what kinds of home businesses there are in the world with books like:
Start Your Own Home Business after 50 by Robert Bly
Start and Run a Real Home-Based Business by Dan Furman
The Smart Woman’s Guide to Online Marketing, Power up Profits by Kathleen Gage

and download my workbook Be Your Own Boss here to start thinking about what business you want to be in to control your own future! 

The Best Advice Ever To A Teenage Daughter Who Needs To Make Money