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Have you heard that Google Search will be recognizing mobile responsive websites in April? 

There is a test at https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/ where you can add your URL.  It will tell you how mobile responsive your website is and what is holding you back! 

For example, some of my images were too large and slowing things down, some CSS code and other things. 

Well at the bottom of the page, Google will optimize these images and files for mobile and give you a Zipped file!  Wow!



Thanks to +David Amerland for this conversation share from +Padraig Ó Raghaill .

This is true. Why aren’t more authors having an app created that people can download to their phone where they have easy availability to the authors blog and books and chat?

iTunes has Apple magazine apps but there are only 5000 magazines over there.  They are easy to create and send out your message there !

The future is mobile so have you even thought about apps for your business.

I have and plan to create a magazine app since I don’t need to know the technology, all i need is to create the content. 

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