Home Business Startup Checklist

Who is your target market?
 What products or services will you be offering?
 Who is your main competition?
 What is your value proposition?
 How will you deliver your products or services?
 What will you name your business?
 Where will you work? Determine where your office space will be.
 Purchase or set up your office equipment and supplies (eg, desk and good chair, computer, printer, phone line, software, basic supplies, etc.)
 Set up a separate business address for correspondence.
 Set up a separate business email address.
 What kind of legal entity will you create? Complete the legal requirements and registration. Identify a lawyer or accountant to help you.
 Obtain an Employee Identification Number (EIN). If you are a sole proprietor, this may be your social security number.
 Register your name and buy the matching domain name.
 Purchase web hosting, if you are going to have a website.
 Order business cards.

Home Business Start-Up Checklist (continued)
 Set up a separate banking account for your business. Obtain a separate business credit card.
 Determine how you will pay and get paid. Set up the systems you will use (eg, Paypal and/or credit cards).
 Set up a system for tracking your finances.
 Prepare an initial budget and financial forecast.
 Set your initial business and financial goals.
 Identify relevant industry websites and forums. Start networking.
 Identify and join a mastermind group.
 Decide which training you will use, if needed. Get started.
 Find people who can perform the tasks you will not be doing yourself. (e.g., website design and development, accounting).
 Create your marketing plan and calendar.
 Create an action plan with deadlines.

Take a deep breath and get started!!
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