Passion is a Trait of the Mindset of the Entrepreneur

We’re going to be talking about your passion your passion for your business.


If you don’t have the passion to get up and do everything every day for your business then you’re in the wrong business so you get out of it.


So let’s look at your passion for your business.


Do you get up every move every morning eager to share your knowledge and skills with others or even just do the paperwork for the business?


Do you feel the desire to get out and do the business?


Do you go and have a belief in your product during your service that you believe so much in and that you’re so passionate about it you’re willing to work extra hours every day; extra hours you can spend with your family but you know that you’re going to be making life better for them if you can get your business going at a better level?


Than you may have the passion to be an entrepreneur.


Unfortunately it is a myth that it’s an easy ride to be an entrepreneur.


It’s a very hard one from one day to the next, you never know where your money’s coming from.


You never know what’s around the corner.


Of course we never do in life as well but it’s not like a job as being an entrepreneur you’re not getting your regular paycheck.


You have to bring in the money to pay  for your business.


So every day you have to figure out “what can I do to get my sales, my leads and my engagement to get the connections with others so that they want what I have to sell” or “what I have as a product or an idea.”


Of course, we’re looking at a home business and whether it is offline or online home business you have to have the passion for it.


You know you have the passion to do that business because:

you have a family to support or yourself to support;

you have to get out there and make the connections;

You have to do the marketing;

you have to do the networking;

you have to do the bookkeeping and other chores of being in business;

but you can leave the bookkeeping when you have the money for it.

You can do some automatic social marketing media for social media and that kind of thing for your offline business online.


But if you don’t have the passion to walk those dogs in your business choice or clean those floors ,if that is your business, or sit at the computer for days then if that’s not your passion then don’t do that.


Which reminds me, for example, I do know how to do bookkeeping and I do some volunteer bookkeeping now.  But luckily, we have a bookkeeper in our business so that I don’t have to do the bookkeeping.  Because any day that I do the bookkeeping, I’m a very crabby person because I don’t like bookkeeping. I could go out there right now and have a bookkeeping business. But I wouldn’t enjoy it. So yeah, if you have any questions about booking e-mail me but I’ll send you on to someone else who enjoys bookkeeping. 🙂

I have the passion for organization and productivity and keeping the business on track and getting everything ready and dealing with customers etc. etc. otherwise we wouldn’t be in this business that we’re in.

So, have a think about when you’re thinking about what kind of business you’d like to start or what kind of business do you have.

Do you get up every day realizing that it’s important for you to have the passion to be organized to be productive so that you can make the money;  make the sales; make the leads; get the engagement that you need for your business?

Do the networking; do the marketing for your business so you get more sales for your business?

Do you have the passion?

So that is the question today on Mindset Monday.

It’s probably not a good idea for you to go into business if you don’t have a certain passion in terms of what you’re doing because being an entrepreneur is a very hard life and it’s a myth that it’s easy.  It does have its pros and cons and you have to be ready to take the challenges on. But you have to have the passion first in order to be get through the challenges and get through the trials and get through the day to day  and make sure that you’re always being successful as entrepreneur.

Passion is a trait of an entrepreneur.

If you aren’t passionate about your business you’re thinking about starting whether it’s Internet marketing or it’s dog walking then don’t do it.

You need the passion.

So that’s an important point I wanted to make.

You need to have passion if you’re in business because you just need it in order to survive.