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Finding your passion

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Need Help Finding Your Passion?

It’s a common refrain that you should “Do what you love, and the money will follow.” In fact, someone even wrote a book by that name!
But not everyone knows what it is they love that they could build a business around. It’s easy if you’re Tiger Woods, and you’ve been passionate about golf since the age of three. If only it was so easy for everyone to find their passion!
Think you have no passion? Well, I promise, you’re passionate about something.

Here’s a little exercise to help you find it.

Just think about these three things:

What movies do you really like?
What music do you listen to all the time?
What food do you most like to eat?

Maybe you really got into the Terminator movies when you were a kid, or the Star Wars trilogy. Maybe that’s something you’re really passionate about. Do a quick Internet search on either of these movie titles — or the name of your favorite movie —and you’ll find a ton of sites on the topic, I promise.
You’ll find fan pages, fan forums, movie reviews, Youtube satires and knock-offs, gossip about the actors, directors, and writers, and of course, merchandise galore. The list is practically endless.
Just go through some of the sites you find, and see if there’s not something related to your favorite move that strikes you, something that makes you sit up and say, “Wow! That has always fascinated me!”

How about music? Maybe there’s a band you follow, a band you really like. You have all their albums, you see them when they come to town and play.
That’s one of your passions. Dig a little deeper, and find out more about the members of the band, about their history, their upbringing. What got them into music? Why do they play the genre they play? What do they do when they’re not making music or touring?
The more you learn about the musicians you love to listen to, the closer you’ll be to finding one of your passions.

Now think about food. Everyone has to eat, right? But not everyone likes the same foods, and people around the world eat such a huge variety of foods, it’s mind-boggling. Maybe you really like Italian food, or vegetarian foods, or seafood. Do you like to cook your own food? Grow your own vegetables? Catch your own lobsters and crabs? Or maybe you’re more the sort to go out to restaurants? Have you been to all the chain restaurants? How about all the locally owned mom & pop restaurants in your area that serve your favorite dish?

Think you could find something you’re passionate about with all that opportunity? I bet you can, if you just dig a little.
I guarantee you there’s something in your life you’re passionate about. If you haven’t found it yet, you might just have to work at it a little bit.

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