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Hi, I’m Aline Boundy, founder of Align With Your Purpose, which is dedicated to helping you discover, become clear and live in alignment with  your life purpose.

Through telesummit interviews with experts in the field of personal development and my fairly regular newsletters, Align With Your Purpose disseminates information and tools to support you to:

Go within and connect with your higher self
Explore where your passions lie
Dream BIG and believe change is possible
Identify your limiting beliefs
Release any blocks holding you back from realising your full potential.  

I was a High School teacher for over 30 years, teaching languages (French, Spanish and English)  in the UK, France, Switzerland and Greece, where I lived and worked for over 20 years.

I have always felt (and still feel) that every child, every person has something they do effortlessly, where they feel “in the flow”. As a teacher it was part of my job to guide and encourage my students to discover and then develop their potential. In a sense, Align With Your Purpose has a similar mission, to guide and support you to live your life in alignment with your unique purpose.

Everyone has an inner purpose, something they were born to do. Very often these days, that purpose has been buried under a whole lot of living and life experiences, and it takes time and guidance to discover your true potential and then dare to live in alignment with it.

I am passionate about empowering you to do just that and thus far Align With Your Purpose has featured experienced leaders in the field of personal development who share their wisdom and experience with you. On this new site, I am really looking forward to connecting with you and getting to know you better.

There is so much information available and it can sometimes be overwhelming, so Align With Your Purpose breaks it down and presents it in a clear, concise, step by step progression, which allows you to choose where to focus your efforts so that you gain more clarity around your life purpose.

If more people were able to live their lives doing something they love, rather than feeling trapped in a job, the world would be a better place. So my mission is …

“To use my compassion, love and enthusiasm to encourage and inspire you to reach your full potential and live peacefully, in alignment with your purpose and in harmony with the highest good of all concerned.”

As well as my interviews and summits, I have  a series of virtual workshops, one on each of the Five Steps and I am writing my first book, “The Five Steps to Aligning With Your Purpose”.