Purpose found

This video doesn’t seem to work in Google with Shockwave Flash, if you have trouble, try Internet Explorer or Firefox browser. IT is worth it!

This CBS story spoke to me as it is the funniest things that will help you find your purpose.  Whether it is what people say about you or whether you have this inner need to do certain things, it is possible to find what your purpose is and how you can fullfill it. 

Just the sound of the bat hitting the ball, got him off the couch and out back into the world.  Really there isn’t much more than that to say about such a wonderful story other than it was amazing he was grateful for his stroke because he was able to find his purpose in life.   Double wow!  Just awestruck.   

If you want to find out whether you have a purpose in life, start doing some of the exercises in the Be Your Own Boss quiz and start dreaming and meditating on the idea of change…..

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