Don’t go down the Rabbit Hole


rabbit inside the hat


As Jack Humphrey said on Directions University, there are many distractions in the internet world and you need to focus. 

Over the last three years, I went out on the internet and learned a lot about internet marketing, affiliate marketing, offline marketing and even some, black hat marketing ( which I ran away from).  Then I realized that there was no way I wanted to be a “jack of all trades”.   I wanted to find a topic that I was passionate about speaking and writing about and that is the freedom and challenges of having a home-based business.  So, I started to ignore the other topics out on the internet. I went to the webinar trainings just to hang out and see the kinds of promises made and problems that exist in that business model. 

At Directions University, I learned about how to focus on my ideal audience and figure out strategically what and how I wanted to do my business. I learned some tactics. I leveraged Shared Circles strategy on GooglePlus to increase my followers but I knew WHY i was doing it.  I learned about Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn and how to fit it in  or what not to use in my business strategy.  

At DU, I learned to create a Vortex Business Model where I can work less but leverage more to grow my business. I know now what I want to do with my business, how i want to do my business and most importantly, why I am doing my business. 

So, if you are running your home-based business and you feel like a rabbit running around and getting easily distracted, Directions University has a free e-book you can download called “Amazing Traffic Vortex” and see if after you read it, you realize that you have been acting like you can been going “deep into the rabbit hole” and it is time to FOCUS on what’s important!