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Wanting to add new income in your family?

Working two jobs but money isn't coming in fast enough?

Always wanted to start your own business but you didn't know how to start?


How to start a home business step by step is a great way to get moving and starting your home business!

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How to Start a Home Business Free Training

In this training you will learn that it is possible to have a home business offline or online and there are a few steps to think about before you get started in a home business.

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The "Start a Home Business Step by Step" Training will get you started and working on the mindset, research and defining your target customer before you even start making a sale!

Module #1 Develop A Mindset for Success

Module #2 Defining your Driving Vision and Values

Module #3 Pick the Right Home Business for You

Module #4 Identify your Target Audience

Module #5 Decide on your Offer and How you are Offering it

Module #6 Setup the Essentials for a Home Business

Module #7 Branding your Business

Module #8 Pick the Right Price

Module #9 Pick the Right Home Business for You

Module #10 Setup your Marketing.

Module #11 Your Launch Starts Here

Module #12 Tracking your Progress

Module #13 Moving Forward

Module #14 Support and Resources

You Will Learn how

  • having the right mindset creates your success
  • defining your vision will drive your success
  • deciding on a business model that works for you will create the business you want
  • knowing who is your customer and where they are and what they want will make you sales
  • to decide on what your offer is going to be in your new business
  • to setup the processes and where to find the regulations that will govern your business
  • to brand your business
  • to pick the right price based on the value you give rather than be market driven
  • to setup your marketing to create awareness for your business
  • to prepare for launching and doing your business in the initial stages
  • to track your key metrics so you know what is the path you are on
  • develop a system, plan goals and your time so you can be most effective in your business

Home Business Expert

Jane Gardner is Home Business expert who has worked with her husband for 20 years in their home-based structural engineering firm. She has come onto the internet to share her knowledge and wisdom about working in home business.

  • 20 years in home business
  • On board of local Home Business Association
  • Personal development coach for
  • Social Media Marketing 4 years

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Why? It is a BETA COURSE so all the STEP by STEP is in there but the webinars and implementation will come later and it will be a paid course!  As a BETA Group, you will give me feedback on how to increase its value and information you need more of it to get started in your business!

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