Step 8: Experience

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Experience is the best teacher. We’ve talked about talent and skills and
education, but the most powerful thing is experience.
You learn through doing. Knowledge is not power; it’s only potential
The actual definition of power is the ability to act, and when you act, you gain
There are 3 types of experience that are probably the most powerful that you’ll
come across is:
 Life experience.
 Work experience.
 Experience you gain through crisis. In other words, you went through
something and you were able to get through them and realize this too shall
pass and it made you a stronger person. It taught you things like
communication, politics, teamwork, human assessment, and yes, survival.
These are things that you, through your wisdom, because remember, wisdom
isn’t gained without experience. These are things that you can apply right now,
from wisdom, from experience.
You can leverage this for money.
Experience will open more doors for you than you ever thought possible.
People want people who have been through the trenches.
AWAKEN Discovering and Leveraging your Talent for Wealth
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If you’ve been through some trenches, if you have been through these
experiences, then there’s a good chance you can leverage them.
List 3 to 5 experiences that you’ve had. Focus more on those experiences
and think about you can leverage that experience.
You may not have that answer. That’s all right. I’m going to talk more about that
in step nine, action. List out your experiences, but don’t discount anything.

Awaken discovering and leveraging your talent for wealth part 10