Step 7: Education

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What have you learned from within your mind? The word education comes
from the ancient word educo, as in to induce, withdraw from within.
The best form of education is not formal, believe it or not. It’s from life.
That doesn’t mean you didn’t have fun and you didn’t get an education in school.
That means within your school, and good teachers and professors try to tell you
this, it’s not about the quiz and the exams. It’s about what you have truly learned
that you can apply to your life.
The real professors, the real teachers out there are the ones who are teaching
you in a way that it’s fun, where you’re enjoying it and where it becomes not a
chore but a passion.
Again, you want to make your vocation your vacation. Your education
involves that as well. Your vacation. Something you have fun with.
Some of the best learning lessons I ever received, in or out of a school, were
based upon fun. When it’s fun, the level of interest goes up.
List 3 to 5 lessons that you received, whether it was formal or life education. It’s
all about what you have learned and how much fun you had learning it.
If you think of your hobbies, think of all the things you’ve learned through your
hobbies. You have a ton of education that you probably didn’t even think about.
You end up discounting your own education, because you figure, ‘Well, there’s
no money in that.’
Believe it or not, there’s money in everything.

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