Step 5: Talent

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This is what strangers have told you that you do the best, since you were a
child. Your talents are what you do easier than most, what you do quicker than
most, what you do better than most.
Each and every one of us have at least 3 talents. I want you to list the 3 to 5
talents you have.
Within those talents are the ability to give you better leverage and for people to
see you at your best. That’s the most important thing. People have to see you at
your best.
When they see you at your best, they begin to believe that you are the best
and pay you the best.
This is one of the four powers that I’m going to share with you in this series, that
you’re going to leverage to earn more money. When people see you at your
best, they pay you the very best.
Don’t believe me? Look at athletes. When they’re at their best, they’re earning
the top dollar. In this case, it could be anything. It doesn’t have to be physical. It
could be mental. It could be anything that you naturally do.
Make a list. Don’t discount one thing. Too often, we are discounting our
talents. Too often, we’re saying, ‘Oh, well, that’s not a big deal.’ It is a big deal.
It is a God-given talent, and you need to use it. You were born with it. It was
coded into you.
There’s a saying, we were born to win but conditioned to lose.
We were conditioned to do less than our very best. The biggest thing in the
world that you can do right now is recognize your talents and begin to position
them to get greater leverage and earn more money.

We’ll talk more about that throughout the rest of the steps.

AWAKEN Discovering and Leveraging your Talent for Wealth part 7