Step 4: Mentality

Mentality, download here!
This is where we get to programming your mind like a news station. I want
you to understand that what you put into your head each hour is going to be very
Here’s what I mean by that. Every hour in the day, you are going to program
your brain with positive messages. Go to YouTube or Google, and you will
find millions of free and paid messages out there. There’s no shortage of
content, only a crisis in commitment.
I want you to understand also that you can absolutely begin to change the way
you feel. Remember, I said the most important way to profit is through your
passion, the way you feel.
Begin to look at that feeling mentality, that connection you have to what
you love. When you begin to hear impassioned people every day, it has an
effect on you.
Whether you’re reading it from your PDF, from a book, from Kindle, whether
you’re listening to it as an MP3, whether you’re watching it as a video, it doesn’t
matter. The point is that it’s filling your head so the negative can’t come in.
Negative and positive can’t live in the same space. When you fill your head
with negative, it stays there and the positive doesn’t get in there. When you fill
your head with positive, it does the same exact thing.
Let’s fill your head with positive thoughts, positive notes and positive people.
That’s why I said in step three, decision, you’ve got to remove what is not
working, whether it be a strategy or a person. You have to begin to identify and
When you identify it, they can’t fill your head with the wrong thoughts. You
need the right ones, and they’re out there.

There’s tons of content out there.
Commit yourself, every hour, to something that’s going to help you with
your mentality.

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