Step 3: Decision

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You have an important decision to make, and that involves what isn’t
working and who isn’t working.
Let’s start with what isn’t working. What strategies, tactics, methods and habits
are not working, to make you wealthier, happier and healthier?
Be honest with yourself. What isn’t working? List them down. No one has to
see what you’re listing, but you must list them down immediately.
Now let’s talk about who isn’t working. This is a touchy subject.
There are 5 different types of people you have in your life:
 People who make the same mistakes over and over and over again.
 People who are negative.
 People who care about nothing. These are the friends who when you
ask, “Hey, what’s happening with you?” and they say, “Nothing,” all the
time. There’s never anything going on with them. They don’t care either
way. They’re living life by default, not by design.
 People who make you feel drained. Every time you talk to them, they just
drain your energy.
 People who always try to manipulate your time.

The unfortunate part about all five of these types of people is that many times
you can’t identify them immediately. That’s why it’s important that for 72 hours to
7 days, begin to write down your conversation.
The late, great Jim Rohn said that we’re the average of the 5 people we talk
to the most. You’re going to be able to narrow down, from your work,
community, personal life, who isn’t working.
After having a conversation with someone, make four columns on a piece of
paper or on an Excel sheet with the following:
 Column one is going to be subject. You’re going to have a brief moment
where you write exactly what you were talking about. Not word for word,
but enough to show you were paying attention to what was actually said.
 The second column is the amount of time you spent talking with this
 The third column, which is probably the most important column out of all of
them is, how you felt after you had that conversation.
 The fourth column is their name, who you actually spoke to.
You want to begin to see who you’re talking to; how much time you’ve given
them, which is the most important thing in the world that you have; and how you
felt about the conversation.
You will begin to immediately identify the wrong people in your life.
How do you get them out of your life? Very simple. Why is that vultures don’t fly
in space? The answer to that is the environment is not conducive for them to do

Well, you’re going to develop your own environment that’s not conducive for
these 5 types of people to come into your life.
Once you’ve identified them, this is how you’re going to either change them or
get rid of them, keeping in mind that you can’t actually change a person, but you
can change yourself and therefore have an influence on them, possibly
changing them indirectly.
They’re either going to change like you’re changing, or they’re going to go away.
Those are the choices. But you’re not going to be directly confrontational with
You’re going to become busy. That’s all it is, busy. They can’t talk to you if
they can’t reach you. They can’t email you if you keep taking your time to email
them back.
Don’t dedicate your time to people who unfortunately don’t matter. If you
have identified them as one of those people who are not helping you get where
you need to go, who are not thinking in the right place, who doesn’t sound like
the type of person you want to be around, why have them around? Why allow
them to come into your life?
They might be nice people, but nice people you can talk to maybe once a
month. Nice people, you can talk to every couple of months. I have some nice
people I only talk to once a year. They’re nice people, but they have nothing
going on that’s going to benefit me.
What I mean by benefit is people who are going to build you up and speak
great things into your life. They don’t fit into any of these five types of people.
They’re not draining you, they’re not manipulating your time, they’re not doing the
same foolish things over and over again. They care about something. Every
time you talk to them they don’t tell you there’s nothing going on. And they most
certainly aren’t negative.

You have to begin to identify the people in your daily and weekly life, because
that’s going to determine your mindset moving forward. We’ll talk more about
mindset in step four, but you have to begin to guard your mind, your body, your
Becoming busy does that immediately.
The first time I did this years ago, decades ago, I did this and I discovered there
was a friend who unfortunately continued to talk about themselves all the time.
That’s the only conversation that they have that’s worth anything, just talking
about themselves.
What I did is become busy. Why do I want to listen to someone talk about
themselves 24/7? That’s not something I want to dedicate my life to, and I
don’t think that’s something you want to dedicate your life to.
It’s not that you don’t want to listen to a friend. Keep in mind, we have those
moments when we want to share those frustrations with our friends and vent, and
yes, we listen to our friends’ lives, absolutely.
But this isn’t what I’m talking about. I’m talking about someone who is constantly
and consistently having a “me fest,” and that’s not the type of person that you
want to dedicate your time, as you move forward in your goals.
Who are you walking with? Who are you around?
If you don’t make the decision to identify the problem, you’re going to have
a hard time solving it.
The second part of that is, if you don’t make the decision to take action on a daily
and weekly basis to remove the problem, you’re going to have a harder time
moving forward.

As we go into step four, which is mentality, remember this: As you go into
mentality and pour positivity into your mindset, it’s hard to get rid of those stains
in the glass if you don’t get a new glass or clean the glass, if you don’t start fresh.
You have to clean your glass. That’s what this decision part is about. You’ve
got to get out of your life what isn’t working, whether it be strategies or people.
Begin to identify the people who aren’t on your team. They’re not necessarily
hating on you, but they’re not on your team. They have a different agenda than
yours, and you need to find like minds.
Just on the internet alone, there are 3 billion people. I guarantee you there is
somebody who will speak great things into your life, just as much as you will into
theirs. Let’s move onto the next step.

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