Step 10: Persistence

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The people who succeed the most fail the most. Not because they fail the
most, but because they would never give up.
Let’s take Babe Ruth. Babe Ruth has 700 homeruns, yet almost 1,400 strike
outs. That’s how the majority of successful people are. The majority of
successful people do fail. They just didn’t give up.
The majority of people won’t take step 9. They’ll go through steps 1 through 8
and not do a darn thing. The majority of people who took step 9 gave up at step
10, pursuing, persisting, going after their goal.
The people who are going to be the most successful are the ones who are not
only going to understand how money works through profit and their mentality and
their passion and making decision and using their 4 talents and taking action, but
they’re going to be the ones who just don’t give up. They don’t take no for an
They may not have gotten over the wall, but they may have gotten around the
wall or under the wall or through the wall, whatever it takes to get where they
want to go. They’re not going to quit.
If that’s you, then you will make it. No matter what obstacles are against you,
you will make it.
This is the most important part of Awaken. You can take actions over and
over and over, but where the majority of people stop in their tracks and
truly fail is when they don’t persist.
The true definition of failure has nothing to do with you not getting the results you
want. The true definition of failure is never persisting, never going at it again and
again and again.
If you have the power of persistence, you will go far in life.

Persistence is the anchor to the 10 steps to discovering how to leverage your
talents for wealth in Awaken, pursuing your dreams.
Let’s recap:
 Know what you’re passionate about.
 Understand how profit works.
 Have a clear understanding of the decisions you must make to remove
the things and the people who are not working.
 Build a positive mental powerhouse.
 Leverage your talent, your skills, your education and your experience.
 Action!
 Pursue your dreams.
This is all you need to take life to the next level.
The most important thing you can do right now is read this again and
again, until you understand and begin to take action and begin to pursue
the life that you deserve.