Step 9: Action

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Living in the art of the now, you’ve got to do it quick and you’ve got to
move quickly.
When it comes to your business, it’s like going up a winding staircase. You don’t
know where it’s going, but you know you’re getting somewhere.
If you are not focused on doing something right away and you procrastinate, you
overanalyze, you think too much, that’s going to be the key to your failure, no
matter what you do in steps 1 through 8.
You can be as passionate as possible, you can be focused on profits and
making decisions and really focused on those four powers: Your talent,
skills, education and experience, but it means absolutely nothing if you don’t do
You must do something. You must be in the art of the now and make something
You don’t need perfection, but you do need action. You can fine tune
anything, but you can’t fine tune action. You just have to go out and make it
The difference between those who do and those who don’t are the ones that
always do. In others words, you have to be in motion, always continually moving,
especially in today’s society.
We are in such a fast-moving society. It’s more important to have speed to
action over anything else. You have to move quickly and act quickly.
You’ve just got to go. Don’t worry about things. Don’t over think things. In
fact, don’t even think about it. As soon as you’ve learned 1 through 8, you’ve
written them down, go make it happen.

Some of you are thinking, ‘What about step 10?’ We’ll get to step 10 in a
moment, but step 10 doesn’t happen if you don’t step 9. You have to make it
happen. You have to move quickly.
Let’s recap. Without a doubt, you’re focusing on your profit, but you can’t profit
without helping others.
Then there’s passion. You have to be passionate about it. You have to make
decisions and build up your mentality.
Then you need talent, skills, education and experience. Believe it or not,
you have at least 3 to 5, if not more, of all of them.
Gather those together and leverage those, while you take action. When you
have a task to do, when you’re creating a solution for people in exchange for
money, you’re not going to do it the hard way. You’re going to do what you’re
talented at.
Are you talented at writing? Then why are you doing videos? You have to focus
on what it is you do best.
Do you have a finely tuned skill, for instance, for creating graphics? Then why in
the world are you just putting non-graphic presentations in your videos if you do
You have to use what you naturally have and what you’ve been trained to
do best. That comes with talent, that comes with skills, that comes with your
education and that definitely comes with your experience.
You have to leverage what you do the quickest, easiest and best, to create
solutions and exchange them for money. That is the best way to do things,
because it’s easy, quick and it makes you look at your best.

People don’t argue when they’ve seen your best, especially if your best is
better than most.
If you put too much thought into this, you will fail. Just focus. Don’t worry, don’t
over think it. Do it. Make it happen.
Don’t worry about mistakes; it’s not about making mistakes. It’s about doing it
now and fine tuning whenever mistakes happen.
The people who succeed the most fail the most. Not because they fail the
most, but because they just wouldn’t give up.
We’ll talk about not giving up in the next step, persistence.

Awaken discovering and leveraging your talent for wealth part 11