To Have Systems in your Business


Welcome. This is Jane Gardner.

And today we’re going to go looking at the systems you can put in your business to save you time and money making you more productive, get more sales and get more leads to have a great business so let’s get started.

As you know I’m Jane Gardner and we’re talking about systems today. I know that sounds very boring to most people but systems in your business will allow you to have the time to get more sales and also lets you have more time with your family and friends to get yourself a lifestyle business.

So we’re going to be talking about the five systems that you need to have in an online business today as well as offline business of course. So we’re going to be looking at first off making yourself a hub on the internet or a hub in your business where you can be found so that would be your web site and how to set up a system so that your web site is the location that people can come to and they can find out who you are as well as obviously sign up for anything you have or you can get sales as well as get engagement.

So your web site is a system that is built for you to collect it.

So you have a lead system as well that’s set up for you so that you can collect leads without having to be there day and night. It’s collecting leads for you because you set up a system that does it.

You can set up a system for engagement whether it’s on social media or on the internet. Making sure you keep connected with your customers that you have or keeping connected and following up with your clients that you have.

There’s a system for you to have sales. How to set up a system for your sales so that you have some automation so that you’re not always having to do it from scratch every day slowing you down, losing focus, not progressing as quickly as you want.

Having a system for your sales so you can go out, and people can interact with your sales system whether or not you’re there or whether or not you’re open as far as being out there, can work for you day or night.

As well you need a payment system set up so that it’s automatic and will collect any payments for you and release any products or services that you’re going to be have with your customer or client.

So that’s when it can also work for you day and night. Well, of course previously without the internet your day of business was nine to five or all every seven days a week. For us, it was usually 8:00 in the morning till about 6:00 at night. So right now it is seven days a week because this is when we’re available. But if you get your business onto the Internet of course with the difference in the hours all over the world you can actually go and do business as long as you have some automation and use systems so that you could collect a sale or two in the morning while you’re asleep from someone over in England who’s found your product to be something that they want. So I know this isn’t something that you think very important in your business and it’s certainly not very exciting to have systems but these systems in your business will allow you to make more sales and get more engagement and collect more leads and of course process more payments and have a website that is interacting with your customers and clients so they get to know like and trust you.

So your systems and your business are almost the most critical thing in your business because it gives you the time to collect more leads; to follow up more often with your clients; to have more time for yourself rather than having to work all day in your business.

You all have systems in your business that will help you to organize and make you more productive and give you the free time that you need in order to be successful in your business.

So my approach may be starting with offline business like I mentioned in your home business and some of the systems that you can put into your offline home business now and ignore the internet next week. Anyway, we are trying to because ,of course, in offline business can work just as well on the Internet as online.

You have five systems in your business.

Do you have a lead system to collect leads?

Do you have a Web site that’s online so that people can visit you even though you may be asleep? They can come visit your web site and see what you sell or see who you are.

Do you have a sale system in your business so that it can work while you’re asleep?

Basically you’re sleeping all the time and you have something to engage with systems on social media or engage with people on email lists.

Then of course do you have a payment system set up in your business so that you can collect payments from the sales that are made from that leads that you get from the email that you send out etc..? So that’s all going to be talking about on systems Saturday so I hope you’ll find this useful and we’ll talk to you next week.

To Grow a Home Business

Hi this is Jane Gardner and welcome. This is all about growing your home business. And today we’re going to just be talking  about some of those strategies they could have in order to grow your business. As I have mentioned previously, I’m going to be talking about growing your blog doing anything with your home business whether it’s offline or online on the internet.

So first off, we’re going to be talking about some of the offline strategies of course because these are some of the standard strategies that you have throughout time to grow your business.

We’re going to be looking at networking and marketing.

We’re going to be looking at outsourcing and we’re going to be looking at promoting your business in order to create more awareness for your business.

These are some of the ways that you can grow your home business whether it was 1990 or now. Then we’ll be looking at the Internet and how having the Internet has increased the possibility for you to grow your business. Whether it’s offline or online today you can have a larger Internet international audience for your business and especially if you can do your business in different languages you can have an even larger market. We’ll be looking at your market potential on the internet.

I can tell you right now there was 3.6 billion people on the Internet and I’m sure by now there’s probably more so I’ll keep you up to date on the number of people that are on the Internet and hanging out where they’re hanging out and how you can grow your home business by going where your market is.

So we’re going to be looking at some of the new opportunities for you as a business to grow your business. Of course the most important one being of course the opportunities on the Internet but also by looking at partnering with other businesses and creating a collaboration in order to have a larger success and outsourcing. Being able to outsource some of your work, so that you have more time to grow your business rather than working in your business. So we’ll be looking at growth strategies that will help you save time and money in your business. So if we can get your business to grow by 5 percent, 10 percent or 25 percent just getting your business onto the Internet creating awareness for your business on the Internet. Even if you’re an offline business the Internet is important for your business because at all times you have to be able to grow your home business so you have a strong structure and foundation to your business.

So yeah that’s all we’re looking at and I hope it’ll be useful for you and grow your home business Fridays. Let’s see what should we leave you with today. Think about your own business and what you want to have your business grow at and how you want it to increase by 5 percent. Have a look at your productivity in your business and see how you can be more productive in order to have the time so you can grow your business.

We’ll be looking at social media. So if you haven’t got yourself a social media account on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter, it’s about time that you did. So we’ll be going over some of the reasons for why you should be getting on on social media even if are a home based business who thinks you don’t cater to people on the Internet. I can certainly show you some businesses that have been successful on Instagram, for example, posting photos of ships. These are ships that are shipping! They have people who actually follow them. So it’s not impossible for you to grow your business with social media and on the Internet. And so we’ll be looking at some of the ways you can do that in the coming months.

So I hope you’ll join me and subscribe here at and will talk to you again next week. I’ll start with the basics. Start with what did we do back in 1990 when we were growing our home business. I had one of the original guerrilla marketing handbook so we were going over some of the simpler ways that you can sell your home business by doing some marketing for it. And if you have already know about that well we might find a few new ones for you on next week.


See what other businesses are doing with Livestreaming!

What’s Trending in Livestreaming Entertainment to learn from for your business


As concerts sell out quickly online, paid livestreaming of concerts has become a way to generate more revenue. With a funny video, Tomorrowland festival which sells out quickly is announcing that this year they will have not 1 but 4 livestreamings of the concert acts.

With four channels of streaming over the 6 days of the festival, some of Tomorrowland’s biggest sets will be showcased by Tomorrowland announces livestream through a hysterical trailer | We Rave You


To increase their audience Kendal Calling festival has joined up with Twitch livestreaming broadcaster to stream their concert live – no muddy fields to sit in anymore!

Tim Peaks, Calling Out and Glow tent live from the comfort of your home or – for the less hardy festival goer – your tent. This is especially useful since the festival sold out faster than ever back in February and sadly some of the usual faces missed out on their tickets. by Kendal Calling partners with Twitch to livestream festival performances

Even a mistake in the livestream can cause instant celebrity as the pop group MVP found out when they got 54,000 views in 2 minutes because they were using Wanna One’s group livestream. Imagine what would happen for your business if you got 2000 views in 2 minutes!

Rookie group MVP accidentally ‘hacks’ Wanna One’s livestream by Rookie group MVP accidentally ‘hacks’ Wanna One’s livestream



Sports Trends

Knowing how popular sports are, there is a rush to get livestreaming working on the social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. There are sports corporations signing agreements with them to broadcast.

MLB Announces Facebook Will Livestream Games with No Blackout Every Friday by MLB Announces Facebook Will Livestream Games with No Blackout Every Friday

Twitter had livestreaming of Wimbledon this year on the platform. For those on their phone or tablet waiting in the airport or work, it must be fun but it won’t take over for the mega-screen live broadcast on T.V.

Twitter’s Livestreaming Sports Lineup Now Includes the Arena Football League by Twitter’s Livestreaming Sports Lineup Now Includes the Arena Football League

The Milken Institute has a conference on the business of sports with a discussion of live TV and social media streaming services for Wrestlemania or the British Soccer League. “Know their play habits, their watching habits and ..growth of sports fans. “7 year olds know more about UFC growing their fans from the “The Business of Sports” by The Business of Sports on Livestream

However, livestreaming is become a force for amateur sports as it increases awareness for any sport. I’m sure your local soccer team has family members proudly broadcasting their child’s effort to grandparents! Livestreaming is helping with awareness for all kinds of sports and even funding whether crowdfunding or charitable.  I saw all the other adaptive sports that aren’t being broadcast out there, and that’s why I started ParaSportsLive to bring these sports to everybody,” he said. by NH man launching livestream platform for parasports nationwide | NH1

You want to check out “Growing your Audience with Livestreaminghere.

5 Reasons to have a Blog in your Business

Marketing – the action of promoting and selling your products or service. 

5 Reasons why you should  blog in your business?

  1. It is a free marketing tool to use on your website and in social media.
  2. It brings awareness to your Brand as other businesses learn about your company who may want to connect or partner with your business.
  3. It is good to showcase your authority and knowledge about your product or service.
  4. Visitors find a way to connect and enjoy reading about company activities or events.
  5. Most importantly, visitors get to know, like and trust your business as a company they could do business with and they are more likely to find that your business has the solution to their problem.

Click Here to Get “Blogging for Business Made Easy!”
You may say you don’t have time to blog on your website about your business but you are letting a free opportunity for you to market to your customers slip away if you don’t! Blogging has become a way to market yourself and your products or services to website visitors and out on social media. People do want to hear what you are all about when they are looking for a solution to their problem. If you are out there blogging and doing social media posts, whether you are a small home business or a large corporation, your words will speak for your business.

The more insight and peeks behind the scenes you get, the more that people will see you have authority in your field and line of work/service. Why You Need to Stop Waiting and Start Blogging (like TODAY) – SoulScripts
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Even if your business is a large one, and you’re setting out to create a blog that speaks to your customer base, there are always ways to make it personal. Show that you understand the issues they’re facing and the problems they’re looking to solve. Use your blog posts to demonstrate to your audience that you’re the best solution to those issues and problems.

Having a voice doesn’t just mean the act of talking or writing. It means having a point of view, being distinctive, and maybe even a little opinionated or controversial. There is a lot of noise on the Internet, and one of the biggest challenges that people face is sifting through all of that noise in order to find the content that’s interesting.

How are you going to create all the content for your blog?

According to Neil Patel, if you write 10 ideas per day then by the end of the year, you will have 3650 ideas!

The great thing about writing down 10 ideas a day is that you’ll become, as James Altucher says, an idea machine. by Neil Patel’s Guide to Blogging Consistently

Then if you save an hour before day just to focus on your blog content; it may take you a few days to write 300 -500, words and then a couple of days to add images, proofread and add a call to action then you will have new blog post every week only from one hour a day!

If you aren’t into writing content but find it easier to do audio then collect your thoughts and jot down the important points you want to make and then get out your microphone and record! Your audience may also be busy and they would enjoy listening to you and your personal thoughts then reading. Who has time!?

The voice of your blog should be a good fit for the product or service you’re selling. For example, if you are an affiliate marketer for natural health care products, then a writing voice that’s positive and nurturing is almost certain to be more appropriate than a voice that’s “in your face” or that uses risqué humor.

For more on blogging for your business check out

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You Need to Know your Brand Voice

Social media was all a buzz about the faux pas that was the newly released Pepsi commercial that was quickly removed after the backlash.

What were they thinking?

Pepsi was trying to project a global message of unity, peace and understanding. Clearly we missed the mark, and we apologize,” the brand said in a statement. “We did not intend to make light of any serious issue. We are removing the content and halting any further rollout. We also apologize for putting Kendall Jenner in this position.” by Pepsi Is Pulling Its Widely Mocked Kendall Jenner Ad

Why did the commercial fail?

According to Julian Gamboa an instructor at Digital Marketing Today and founder of Digiviewpoint, a millenial publishing account

A prime example of brands using celebrities is Nike’s #Equality campaign. The celebrities do not serve as the spotlight, but instead help deliver the message. .

Another fine example would be Twitter’s collaboration with various celebrities to tweet out Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech.

by Pepsi’s failed commercial: why your marketing team should be listening

Your Voice is Your Brand

When brand voice is consistent across all communications, it creates a kind of personality for your organization. As a result, your audience knows what to expect and learns to trust you. It is an essential feature of branding which allows you to successfully position yourself in the market.

With the advent of social media and Facebook LIve, Instagram and Periscope, there are people with thousands of followers who are seen as influencers. Even Amazon is understanding the power of the social media influencer as they are pushing for “non-celebrities” to sell their stuff if they have influence.

Similar to the Amazon Affiliate program, the new program will offer influencers commission on products sold, but is not open to the public by Amazon quietly launches its own social media influencer program into beta

Your Business Needs to be a Storyteller

People love hearing stories and they help people create an emotional bond with the brands they like. If you can tell stories and engage your audience, you will get them to know you on a personal level.

Your Brand is your Story, your Words and your Images

While we’re primarily focusing on words and phrases when talking about brand voice, you don’t only communicate your brand voice through text or the spoken word. Everything your brand does uses its voice, and this includes visuals. Your content should have strong visuals and graphics that consistently convey your brand voice.

Learn more
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Using Social Media to Build Your Online Presence

Your online presence is one of the most important ways to market your business to the world. It honestly doesn’t matter whether you have a strictly online business or a bricks and mortar business; using social media is a great way to get the word out about your business and to establish your identity online.

Ensure that Your Brand Matches Throughout

While each social media network has its own personally, your brand is always your brand. You should keep your brand the same, but adjust it slightly to fit in with the personality of the platform. But don’t change it too much because you want your audience to recognize you and interact with you.

Keep Your Profile Updated and Complete

Social media networks are always changing so a complete profile today will be incomplete tomorrow. Keep it up-to-date by checking it often, updating the things you have changed, and adding in information as the platform creates new ways for you to share.

Be Consistent with Your Posts

One of the keys to making social media work for you to build your online presence, is putting up regular posts and updates. You want to do it more than once a day on social media such as LinkedIn or Twitter. For example, if you have a blog post you want to share, set it up to share twice in the day instead of only once.

Become an Expert on One or Two Platforms

You can’t be everyplace and do it well, so choose one or two platforms where your audience likes to hang out, and become an expert at those systems. You’ll do yourself a huge favor. If you can afford to outsource to every social network, it will be fine, but if it’s just you, take it easy and become an expert of one or two.

Develop Content Specific for Each Platform

You don’t want to rehash the exact same content in the exact same words on each social media network. For example, when you share a blog post you wrote promoting your widget, you want to share it with a special blurb for each different network.

Engage with Others

Don’t forget to talk to people on each network. Answer questions, share your knowledge, and interact and engage with them. Social media is supposed to be social. Automation is fine, but you do need to answer people and talk to people in real time, too.

Share Other People’s Updates

When someone shares something important that your audience will find interesting, share it. The people you share and congratulate and interact with will do the same for you. Plus, it’s another form of content that can help establish expertise.

Join Groups

Most social media networks right now have some forms of groups that you can join. Even Pinterest has group pin boards that you can join. Joining these, then interacting with the people, is a great way to network and get known better.

Social media is an excellent way to build your online presence along with your website and blog. Use the social media to promote what you put on your website, as well as to stimulate sales of your products and services.

Ten Steps to Improving Your Online Reputation

Today, managing and improving your online reputation has become essential. This is due to the advent of Google Search and the ability of anyone to look for you online and find out information about your company and your personal life. Even if there is something out there that you don’t want people to dwell on, you can make it better. It takes a little bit of work but it can be done. In fact, everyone who wants to be known online should be doing these things.

1. Monitor the Buzz – People are talking about you. You can use Google Alerts and other online apps to monitor your business name, personal name, product names and more to know what is being said about you online.

2. Listen to Your Customers – So many business owners conduct surveys, read their online buzz, check out rating sites and so forth but never really listen. It’s important to show your audience by your actions that you’re listening.

3. Respond Quickly – When a customer has an issue or complains about you online, always respond quickly to the complaint. Even on social media, if you don’t answer a complaint they’ll see you as providing poor customer service regardless of whether you planned to provide customer service there or not.

4. Remain Positive – No matter what a customer, client, or review says, it’s imperative that you never allow negativity to take over. Stay positive and try to read between the vitriol. A good tip is to copy and paste their complaint or reviews into a word document, then delete anything that takes away from the complaint. Then only answer to the complaint.

5. Apologize – Even though business owners know that sometimes customers are wrong, in public they are right. You must apologize to them in public and offer to make it better. It’s the only way that you can regain the confidence and trust of the public. Better yet, ask the customer what you can do to make it better and you might be surprised at how little it takes.

6. Be Everywhere – You need accounts on YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and whatever else happens to come up where your audience likes to discuss anything to do with your business. Then interact and engage with them.

7. Solicit Reviews – When you send information to your buyers in a follow up, always ask for positive reviews and give them the link of the place you want the review to be posted. This will help increase the positive and counteract any negative reviews that might exist.

8. Publish New Content Regularly – Blog on a regular basis, posting new content as often as you can: at least three to five times a week if you’re new at it, and once a week if you already have over 300 pages of content. Consider guest blogging on high-ranking authoritative websites too.

9. Avoid Making Social Media Mistakes – Sounds easier than done, but all this means is you need to think twice about anything you put on social media, positive or negative. Even innocent jokes can get you into trouble if you don’t know your audience well enough.

10. Don’t Neglect Your Accounts – Once you have a social media account, do not allow it to remain dormant. Keep it updated on a regular basis – at least once a week personally, and if you enact some smart automation it will appear that you’re more active.

Regardless if anyone has said anything bad about you, it’s important to build up your online reputation in order to protect it – even if it doesn’t need improving. By building out every aspect of your online presence, you’ll soon have an excellent online reputation that cannot be torn down or paralleled.

What Is a JV Partnership?

A joint venture partnership is made between two or more individuals or business owners to work together on a particular project, product, or event. The companies do not become one; instead they maintain their separate individual entities while working on a particular goal together. The purpose of a joint venture is to combine resources to maximize efficiencies of each entity for the particular project.

Limited Time Span

While some JVs do last a long time, most of them are temporary until the completion of the project. Many businesses find themselves entering into several consecutive JVs due to the success of others.

Clearly Defined Objective

Another thing that denotes a JV partnership is that they usually have a very clearly defined objective or reason for being put into place. Each entity involved knows their place and what is expected, as well as the goal.

Degree of Involvement Is Obviously Defined

Each part of the JV alliance has a particular thing that they are supposed to do, and this is clearly spelled out in an obvious manner. Each partner knows what is expected, what to do and when to do their part.

Spelled-Out Financial Contributions

Since the business entity isn’t going to be formed in a JV, the financial responsibilities of each member must be expressed. Sometimes one person is responsible for the finances, will deduct expenses from income and then distribute the profits as spelled out in the contract.

Plans Spelled Out for Problems or Disputes

In a JV that is temporary in nature, there can still be issues and disputes that arise. The contract usually spells out what to do and who will be the final say in any dispute – typically an unbiased arbitrator or in some cases the person with the main financial input gets the final say.

Termination of JV Arrangement Detailed

Since a JV agreement is not permanent, usually the contract spells out exactly when and how the arrangement will end and what will happen to the intellectual property when the arrangement is complete.

Non-Disclosure Information

Most of the time both parties require some sort of non-disclosure information to keep trade secrets, contact lists, financial and other information private, since some of them will necessarily be revealed during the JV partnership.

Other Legal Information

It’s important to check with your state and country about various terms and issues that should be covered in your JV agreement. Together with your JV partners, you may want to determine which of your locations will have the final say on any legal issues that should arise.

A joint venture partnership is a great way to expand your reach because you get to use each other’s contacts, resources, and skill set. But, it’s important to understand what a JV is and what it’s not. It’s not combining two businesses permanently and it’s usually a temporary joining of forces.

Membership Software That Works

When you are deciding on technology for your membership site, it’s important to consider not only technology that works, but also technology that works for you in the way that you want it to work. What features do you want the membership software to have? What is your skill level with troubleshooting technology? Who will you hire if you don’t have the skills? There is a lot to think about when choosing membership software.

1. NewRainmaker – This software is software as service (SAS), meaning it’s running from the cloud. You don’t do anything but set it up, kind of like you would WordPress. All the plugins and functionality that works best with membership sites are included, such as affiliate management, drip technology, and forums. This software includes a monthly fee for hosting, tech support and use of the software.

Link –

2. aMember – This is an add-on to your current website. If you use WordPress it works very well with it. It also works with other types of website builders. It includes affiliate management, drip technology and more. You will need to purchase separate software to have a forum. They will install it for you for a fee and provide great support. It’s a one-time fee and upgrade fees yearly. You’ll have to pay extra for tech support if things go wrong.

Link –

3. iGrOOps – This is another hosted solution where you pay a monthly fee for using the system. They provide all the upgrades, updates, and hosting. You simply use their template system to create your membership site. It has all the bells and whistles but it cannot be made to look like your current site.

Link –

4. EasyMemberPRO – They promise anyone can set up a membership site, and connect it with your current software quickly and easily. It also has a lot of what you need with a profitable membership site, including affiliate management. There’s a one-time fee with one year of free upgrades.

Link –

5. WishList Member – This is a plugin that works with self-hosted WordPress websites, turning your current site into a membership site with all the bells and whistles except that if you want a forum you have to purchase software for the forum.

Link –

6. MemberGate – Another hosted solution with a monthly fee but one that offers every bell and whistle you can imagine from forums, to video hosting, to drip technology and more. The look is slightly dated for the choices of templates, but you can use your own coder working with them to change that if you want to spend the time and money.

Link –

7. ONTRAPORT – This is a very high-end solution (with a high-end price). But, if you plan to run a six-figure business, this is a great solution that offers managed membership without having to ever worry about technology. It will also work with your current WordPress website.

Link –

8. SiteManPro – This is a great solution if you want to sell digital items and run a membership solution. You can use this to automate the entire thing. It can work with your current WordPress site. You will need to get separate forum software if you feel you need one. It integrates easily and works as it states.

Link –

9. Smember

Remember to write down the features you want your membership site to offer, as well as to take into consideration your level of technological skill as you pick a membership software solution. It might cost a few dollars, but you can’t make any money if you don’t make a choice and get started.

Twitter Engagement

Twitter – who wants to bother? who has the time?

The Twitter may scroll quickly through your life but it is worth participating in Twitter to get engagement and potential awareness for your brand.  Also, you can connect with others who you might want to partner with when you converse on Twitter.

According to this Twitter study in 2014 by Stone Temple Consulting, you can get engagement!

If you are a well-known authority in your field, it will be easier for you to get followers.

It is true that image attached to a tweet will increase re-tweets and “favorited.”

Increasing hashtags in a tweet doesn’t make a significant difference.

Most interesting is that the time of day didn’t affect how much engagement was given.

As you can see, Twitter is worth sending out your messages in and there is training in The Business of At Home Business membership. 



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